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Dalith Steiger

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Dalith Steiger

AI Influencer, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of the Global AI Hub SwissCognitive



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Dalith Steiger, together with Andy Fitze, is one of the co-founders and a managing partner of SwissCognitive. The Global AI Hub, founded in 2016, is one of the world’s leaders in providing solutions to issues relating to AI. The company’s core principle, ‘share for success’, provides a means of knowledge and experience sharing with regards to the development, outcome, and impact of cognitive technologies. Since its inception, SwissCognitive has connected to over 150 companies spanning 30 different industries that represent over two million employees.

Dalith Steiger is also the co-owner and member of the executive board of CORE Design Works, an agency specializing in visual and industrial design. Besides her entrepreneurial enterprises, she is CEO of the Swiss IT Leadership forum, an associated consisting of leading executives from the Swiss IT industry, and a Member of the Advisory Council of digital-liberal.ch. the latter is a liberal political start-up that recognizes and promotes the myriad opportunities presented by digitization.

Although Israeli-born, Dalith Steiger grew up In Switzerland, where she earned her degree in mathematics and information technology from the University of Zurich in 1999. Her work history, prior to her entrepreneurial journey, saw her work in the banking industry, project manage numerous IT operations at UVS, and work at Avaloq evolution, advising and supporting the management at senior and board levels at various private banking institutions with regards to banking software.

Her passion for smart technologies and AI, however, have resulted in Dalith Steiger becoming an entrepreneur and has seen her co-founding two very successful companies. The latter, i.e. SwissCognitive, was one of the winners of the Swiss ICT Award 2017. She is also a polyglot and speaks fluent German, English, and Hebrew, as well as some French and Italian.

Dalith Steiger – Speaker

Dalith Steiger, as a speaker, focusses on industry-related topics, sharing her knowledge and experience in the field of AI, motivating younger people to engage in cognitive technologies and following their passion.  She has addressed audiences across the globe, such as in Zürich, Boston, Tel Aviv, Brussels, and Davos.

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