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David Munoz

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David Munoz

Spain and Madrid based 3 Michelin Star gastronomical risk-taking chef



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David Munoz, a groundbreaking, creative Spanish chef, is one of Spain’s best-kept secrets. Offering a culinary experience from the tiny DiverXO restaurant in Madrid, he is instrumental in making the restaurant an overnight sensation that incorporates influences from across the globe.

The first DiverXO premises seated a maximum of 30 people, with David Munoz and his team ensuring his customers knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for. The food leaving his kitchen could only be described as fun and original with influences ranging from the traditional Spanish to Nordic fusion while incorporating the flavours of Eastern cuisine.

His passion for cooking started while still a boy when his parents occasionally took him to Viridiana, a Madrid restaurant run by Abraham Garcia. David Munoz soon became fascinated by this chef whose culinary efforts reflected his personal interests.

After leaving school David Munoz started his academic training at a catering college. His time there saw him combine his studies with independent learning. He would study books written by master chefs and combine what he learned with his professional experience in some of Spain’s finest restaurants and those abroad. Amongst these he includes some of London’s top restaurants.

His return to Spain saw David Munoz open DiverXO, a restaurant that soon drew the attention of Madrid’s top foodies. His customers were willing to experiment and try his new culinary experiences that could only be described as a fusion of Mediterranean and Chinese cooking with a Japanese influence.

The restaurant currently holds three Michelin stars, with David Munoz winning the 2014 Prix du Chef l’Avenir award, the Best Vegetable Dish Award at the Fruit Attraction Fair in 2012, and the 2009 National Gastronomy Award from Real Academia Española de Gastronomía.

David Munoz- Speaker

As a speaker, the entrepreneurial chef talks about achieving the impossible, teamwork, and all aspects of succeeding in the hospitality industry.

David Munoz lives in Spain and addresses audiences in Spanish.

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