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Denis Pennel

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Denis Pennel

Global influencer and expert on the labour market and future of work



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Denis Pennel is, due to his years of experience in labour and industrial relations, considered an expert in the labour market at both the European and global levels, He is in charge of developing and ensuring execution of the strategy of the international professional association representing the employment industry vis-à-vis international institutions, such as the European Union, the International Labour Organisation, the World Bank or the OECD.

Dennis, after graduating from the French Institute of Political Studies, started his career with the Communication Group BDDP/TBWA as a PR manager in Paris, France. From there he moved to London where, in 1991, he worked as a consultant for Financial Dynamics, one of the largest specialist consultancies in the UK. In 1993, however, he returned to Paris and joined Deloitte, an accounting and consulting firm, as Head of Information. Five years later, however, he was recruited by Manpower France where he stayed till 2005 as their Corporate Communications Director.

The period 1998 to 2004 saw Denis Pennel a Board Member of Information Presse & Communication. This French trade organization had 350 PR and corporate communications consultants at the time. Denis served as president of the organization from 2000 to 2003.

When it comes to EU level participation, Denis is a member of numerous Brussels-based think tanks. Amongst these are included CEPS (Centre for European Policies and Studies) and EPC (European Policy Centre)

As Director-General of the World Employment Confederation, he is in charge of promoting the interests of the employment and recruitment sector with the institutions of the European Union (Commission, Parliament, Council of Ministers) and major international organizations. (International Labor Office, OECD, World Bank, IMF etc.).

Denis Pennel previously held the position of Director of Institutional Communication at Manpower France.

Denis is regularly published, his articles primarily covering such aspects as the changing world of work. He is also an accomplished author with his literary efforts tending to focus on the future of the work environment and all aspects governed by work-related issues.

Denis Pennel – Speaker

Denis Pennel, author, pioneer, influencer, manager, and recognised labour market specialist is an international speaker who regularly addresses conferences across the globe. His topics particularly relate to the current and future changes in the labour market as a whole.

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