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Dennis Pamlin

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Dennis Pamlin

Expert in sustainable economics, technology, and innovation



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    Dennis Pamlin is an entrepreneur and founder of 21st Century Frontiers. His work sees him collaborating with companies, governments, and various organisations as a strategic economic, technology and innovation advisor with a focus on sustainability. He has an engineering, industrial economy, and marketing background.

    The period 1999 to 2009 saw Dennis Pamlin, an innovation, technology, and sustainability speaker, working as a Global Policy Advisor for WWF. His tenure there saw him initiate WWF’s Trade and Investment Programme work in the BRICs, i.e. Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This led to him working with various companies, many of which were in the high-tech industry, as a solution provider. After his tenure ended, he became Director for the Low Carbon Leaders Project under the UN Global Compact. He filled this position until 2013.

    Dennis Pamlin is currently a Senior Associate at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is also a Senior Advisor at RISE, a visiting research fellow at the Research Centre of Journalism and Social Development at Renmin University, and an advisor to the Centre for Sustainable Development at the Confederation of Indian Industry.

    These days Dennis Pamlin has as his focus the establishment of a framework that identifies winners in a sustainable future, building a platform for global trend assessments that promotes clusters able to deliver transformative solutions. In so doing, tools are developed that allow public procurement that supports sustainable solutions. He is also a leader with regards to tool development for companies, organisations, and cities that allow them to measure and support positive impacts while focusing on climate, health, and poverty.

    Dennis Pamlin – Speaker

    As a speaker, Dennis Pamlin is much in demand for his topics. These relate to sustainable technologies and innovations for governments, large companies, and organisations.

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    • “Dennis always provided a shot of energy, inspiration and outside perspective to our meetings and work together.”

      John Harris, Renewable Energy expert at IKEA

    • Dennis Pamlin “Dennis always provided a shot of energy, inspiration and outside perspective to our meetings and work together.”
      5 / 5