Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld - Speaker - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

Conference Speaker Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

Pioneering leader in the Metaverse, drives digital transformation through immersive education and inclusive tech advocacy.”



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Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld is a driving force in the Metaverse and Web3 revolution. As the head of the Metaverse Academy, she has a vast understanding of these cutting-edge innovations. Dr. Boeckenfeld can connect more conventional businesses with innovative online resources because of her vast background in finance. She has worked at UBS and Generali Switzerland. In addition, her conviction in the revolutionary potential of immersive educational experiences is demonstrated by her construction of the “Marthaverse,” which exemplifies her commitment to innovation.

Respected as a leader, Dr. Boeckenfeld has never wavered in her dedication to diversity and education. Her involvement with groups like the All Stars Women DAO exemplifies her desire to give underrepresented groups a stronger voice in technology.  Awards like “Top 100 Women of the Future” and “Top 5 Women in Tech Europe” honor her influence and vision, establishing her role as a real pioneer of the digital environment.

Recognition and Achievements of Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld’s influence and innovative spirit have earned her countless distinctions. Her designations as one of the “Top 100 Women of the Future” and “Top 5 Women in Tech Europe” highlight her global significance within the tech sector. Furthermore, her ranking among the “Top 50 Business & Marketing Visionaries” refers to her forward-thinking leadership. Dr. Boeckenfeld’s expertise is sought after by groups like Engage Digital AI, where she serves in an advising position. Additionally, her role as Senator for Switzerland within the World Business Angels Investment Forum positions her as a major factor in determining the future of technology and investment.

Dr. Martha Boeckenfeld – Speaker and Founder

Dr. Boeckenfeld is a sought-after speaker who offers insights on the future of technology and its impact on numerous professions. Her speeches draw on her experience in the metaverse, Web3, and digital transformation, delivering significant insights for enterprises and individuals. She is a dedicated activist for inclusive policies within the IT industry, and her presentations generally address subjects like promoting innovation and empowering various voices.

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