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Eduardo Borensztein

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Eduardo Borensztein

Expert on sovereign debt, exchange rates, international finance, macroeconomics, and emerging markets

North America

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Eduardo Borensztein is an expert in sovereign debt, exchange rates, international finance, macroeconomics, and emerging markets. His main focus thus far includes such diverse areas across the globe as Central Europe, China, Latin America, and South Korea.

A consultant with international financial institutions, Eduardo Borensztein’s vast experience has seen him work with various institutions across the globe. He is currently the Regional Economic Advisor of the Southern Cone Department of the Inter-American Development Bank. His responsibilities include the macroeconomic monitoring and formulation of development strategies for Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina. He was, before this, the Advisor in the front office of the Research Department of the IMF until 2008.

His responsibilities at IMF saw him work on macro risk management, debt, and external vulnerability. He was also a member of the Editorial Committee of IMF Staff Papers, and an Advisor to the Editor of Finance and Development.

Before IMF, Eduardo Borensztein was a visiting scholar with the Research Department of the InterAmerican Development Bank. While there during 2005 and 2006, he co-authored the 2007flagship research report – Living with Debt: How to Limit the Risk of Sovereign Finance. He also led projects on the development of domestic bond markets, and local currency and contingent financial instruments. He was also an advisor to the Chief Economist.

His working life before this saw Eduardo Borensztein work as Chief of the Strategic Issues Division of the IMF research apartments which also saw him work in the Asian and African departments. He was an advisor to the Argentinian Secretary of Finance in 2003 and has worked at the Central Bank of Argentina and FIEL. FIEL is a private research institute in Buenos Aires.

His career has seen Eduardo Borensztein focus his research on such areas as sovereign debt, currency crises, financial and foreign exchange markets, and transition economies. He received a Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Buenos Aires.

Eduardo Borensztein – Speaker

Eduardo Borensztein currently resides in the USA and is the founder of Borensztein Consulting based in Washington DC. He speaks on various issues surrounding macroeconomics and transition economics evolution. He presents in English and Spanish.

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