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Elisa Guerra

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Elisa Guerra

Expert in Future of Education, named Best Educator in LatAm by the ID

Latin America


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Elisa Guerra is a leader and a passionate teacher who got worldwide recognition due to her innovative approach to learning. In 2017, she was profiled in a documentary by Al-Jazeera Rebel Education – México: The Power of Early Education”.

Guerra says that she wanted to become an author and poet but became a teacher by accident. She even published some poetry books in her twenties. She believes that learning never ends. Guerra has trained thousands of teachers.

When Elisa Guerra became a mother, she realized that she wants her children to enjoy a combination of knowledge, books, music, art, and culture and thus she found no school Good enough for her children. She then founded her own school that became a role model worldwide. The school has been franchised and her schools are in 5 Mexican cities.

Elisa Guerra is an international speaker, teaches language social studies, and technology. She is also a producer of a podcast in which she teaches creative writing to her students.

Her latest and critically acclaimed free children’s book got translated into 48 languages. Guerra also has a blog that features articles both in Spanish and English. It has more than 50k followers. She contributes to several famous blogs as WISE EdReview, and Top Global Teacher Bloggers. She is also featured in Huffington Post.

Elisa Guerra is a philanthropist as well. She works with both unprivileged and privileged children and also runs an NGO, that helps and trains parents of brain-injured children.

Elisa Guerra – Speaker

As a trainer and speaker by profesión, Guerra knows how to grab and engage her audience. She has been invited by TEDx several times because of her excellent speaking skills. Elisa has lectured in English and Spanish in 16 different countries. She presented a keynote for the European Parliament in Brussels and has also been a speaker at the World Innovation Summit for Education, in Doha, and many times at the Global Education & Skills Forum in Dubai.

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Elisa Guerra is proficient in both Spanish and English and is available for both virtual and live speaking requirements.