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Elsa Punset

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Elsa Punset

One of the leaders in the field in the application of emotional intelligence as a tool for positive change.



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    An emotional intelligence expert, bestselling author, and philosopher, Elsa Punset has a degree in Philosophy and Letters, a Master’s in Humanities from Oxford University, and one in Journalism from Madrid’s Autonomous University. She also gained a Master’s degree in Secondary education from Madrid’s Camilo Jose Cela University.

    As the content director at the Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory, Elsa Punset regularly collaborates on various television shows. Amongst these, she includes Redes, Para todos la 2, and El Hormiguero. She also hosts her own podcast Pequenas Revolutions.

    The author of numerous books, her bestseller “A Backpack For The Universe”, launched in 2012, has been published in fourteen countries. She is also the author of “The Bold”, an illustrated book with stories aimed at children to help them understand and manage their basic emotions in an entertaining manner.

    Elsa Punset ascribes her success to her ability to balance a brilliant academic career with her ability to connect with people and her practical approach to things.

    Elsa Punset – Speaker

    A speaker with the ability to address the heart of the matter, Elsa Punset gets her message across to people from all walks of life, i.e., from the boardroom right across to the classroom. She lives in Spain and presents in Spanish and English.

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