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Emilio Duró

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Emilio Duró

Spanish expert on developing on happiness, dealing with business issues who focuses on a proactive approach



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A Spanish businessman, consultant, and trainer in business issues, Emilio Duró has collaborated with multinational companies for over thirty years. He has served on various boards of directors over the expanse of his career. He is also a founding partner of ITER Consultants.

With regards to his education, Emilio Duró graduated in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Higher School of Business Administration and Management (ESADE) where he gained his Master In Business Administration degree.

Although extraordinarily successful in his career, Emilio Duró developed personal problems and embarked on a quest to study what was wrong. He was not satisfied with his life. His investigation showed that for each positive emotion a person experiences, they suffer approximately twenty-one negative emotions. According to him: “We really live in a sad world, in which negativity weighs on positivity.”

Since gaining this insight, Emilio Duró has made it his mission to share his insight in the media. He is the author of multiple articles printed in both general and business publications. His appearances on television, radio and social media have gained him a large following.

With regards to his speaking, his topics focus on the development of proactive attitudes. He believes your attitude may affect your life expectancy and your time management needs to take this into consideration. Furthermore, facing your fears and challenges and taking responsibility for your decisions allows you to design your own life roadmap.

Emilio Duró – Speaker

Emilio Duró is an interactive speaker who uses words that resonate with his audience. Using scientific facts and theories, he leaves audiences with doable takeaways. He lives in Spain and presents in Spanish.

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