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Fran Halsall

Motivational Speaker Fran Halsall

Fran Halsall

Motivational Speaker Fran Halsall

European Champion, Commonwealth Champion, World Silver Medallist Swimmer and Motivational Speaker.

Fran Halsall was only 7 years old when she began swimming. Because of her incredible agility and endurance, she found her way into the British Senior Team when she was only 15 and became qualified to compete to her first Commonwealth Games in Melbourne where she finished 4th in the 100m freestyle category. She was the youngest member in the Team GB swim squad. She lives up to her achievements by continuously training for her sport. In her moments on the podium as a motivational speaker, she imparts many extraordinary lessons learned from her vast experience as an athlete.

Since 2006, Fran has won 13 National titles and is the current British Record holder in the 100m and 50m freestyle, as well as the 50m and 100m butterfly. No longer the timid 15-year old at Melbourne, sport enthusiasts and experts consider her today as exceptional and outstanding, one of the trendsetters of her generation as well as one of the best swimmers of the decade. She was also touted as the most gifted in the British Squad. Truly all these compliments make her journey to success more remarkable. Despite the praises, Fran keeps her feet on the ground. Her good-natured and down-to-earth personality makes her an efficient motivational speaker, not to mention a great source of inspiration for many young people.


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