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George Mitchell

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George Mitchell

US International Diplomat Expert Speaker on Geopolitics & Foreign Policy

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Senator George Mitchell is a domestic and international diplomat of the highest calibre.  Most famously Senator Mitchell was President Clinton’s successful peace negotiator in Northern Ireland. He architected the ‘Good Friday Agreement’  bringing an end to 30 years of the Trouble’s.

He was first appointed to the US Senate in 1980 and became the Senate Majority Leader in 1987, a position he held until his retirement in 1995. George Mitchell was then selected by President Clinton to negotiate a peace settlement to the conflict in Northern Ireland, and his efforts were eventually rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize nomination in 1998. From 2004-2007, George Mitchell served as the chairman of the board for the Walt Disney Corporation. In March 2006, he was asked by Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig to hold an independent investigation of illegal steroid use in professional baseball, a task that lasted for 20 months and was highly-lauded upon completion.

Most recently, George Mitchell was the US Special Envoy for Middle East Peace under the Obama administration. The variety and success of George Mitchell’s storied career and his “Mitchell Reports” on Northern Ireland, the Arab-Israeli conflict and the use of drugs in baseball makes Senator Mitchell one of the most insightful and knowledgeable political speakers in the country.

Mitchell was  chairman of The Walt Disney Company from 2004 -07 until , and later as chairman of the international law firm DLA Piper and the Chancellor of Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland until 2009.

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  • "..there is not a man, woman or child in the Capitol who does not trust George Mitchell"

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  • George Mitchell "..there is not a man, woman or child in the Capitol who does not trust George Mitchell"
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