Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas - Speaker - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas

Conference Speaker Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas

Tech for Social Good: Digital Social Innovator & Ayúdame3D Founder/CEO – makes 3D prosthetics & particularly useful in poorer developing countries.



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An industrial engineer by profession, a trip to Kenya changed the life of Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas forever. Using his home 3D printer, he decided to help those at the Bamba Project orphanage in need of a prosthesis.

Although he managed to help five people, he realized that he could not stop there. As a result, Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas, the founder and CEO of Ayúdame3D, has seen his company grow and become a consolidated social entity with its own ecosystem that includes over 100 3D experts, the Helpers3D. Together with his team, he has received numerous accolades. Of these, the most recent is from Tevla magazine for its SuperKids project.

Leaving his career in tech toy development, Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas these days dedicates himself to Ayúdame3D and the development of this NGO which focuses on the development of humanitarian aid via technology, more especially 3D printing.

His life before this saw Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas, besides designing tech toys, take on the role of president of the Erasmus Student Network URJC association and collaborate in various causes that include, amongst others, SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility which focuses on spreading the value of volunteering amongst social students and the inclusion of those with disabilities.

In his own words: “We must find a way to contribute to improving the planet, contributing to society with our work.

Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas – Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Guillermo Martínez Gauna-Vivas focuses on the ways that we can make a concrete difference in the lives of others. He lives in Spain and speaks Spanish and English.

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