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Gunter Pauli

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Gunter Pauli

Environmental Expert using Economics to create innovatively sustainable, environmentally friendly business plans



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While studying for his BA and Masters degrees, Gunter Pauli held a number of diverse jobs in order to help sustain his family and save money for his travelling during the summer holidays. A man of many talents, his diverse interests have held him in good stead with regard to his entrepreneurial journey.

An economist with a passion for the environment, Gunter Pauli champions sustainable design and is dedicated to the development of business models that do not damage health or the environment. His passion has seen him found the ZERI Foundation. ZERI stands for Zero Emission Research & Initiatives. The foundation, together with a global network of creative minds, is dedicated to developing new projects. One such project is the recycling of coffee waste at mushroom farms. Another makes a biodegradable detergent using discarded citrus peels.

In 1992, Gunter Pauli became the chairman of Ecover. His mission was to build the first ecological factory. This was followed by a commission to look at the business models of the future from the United Nations.

The visionary approach espoused by Gunter Pauli led to a presentation of his various cases at Germany’s World Expo 2000. This event saw him construct the largest bamboo pavilion the world has ever seen. He has also been a board member of several NGOs as well as various private countries, including those in the USA, Latin America, and Asia. He is also the current advisor to the Rector of the United Nations University in Tokyo.

A visiting professor and lecturer at universities across the world, Gunter Pauli has, since 2009, also taken on the responsibility of designing a developmental concept based on Gross National Happiness. He was also an assistant to the think tank The Club of Rome’s founder for five years. Other positions and memberships include that of moderator of the Roundtable of Nobel Science Laureates hosted by the King of Jordan Stage, and a Fellow of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences in San Francisco. He also received a Doctorate from the Italian Government on systems designs and an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Pécs, Hungary.

Besides his work life and pursuing his passion, Gunter Pauli is the bestselling author of “The Blue Economy” and other works. Amongst these are books on children’s fables, each story having its own lesson behind it. He has a great interest in children’s education.

Gunter Pauli – Speaker

Gunter Pauli is a charming man and persuasive, passionate speaker who has made it his life’s work to design business models that instead of working against the environment, work with it in harmony. Backed this time by a committee of scientists with the aim of developing an economic model respectful of nature and men, obtaining only added value.

Gunter Pauli is fluent in seven languages, English and French being but two of them. He currently resides in Japan.

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  • “When Gunter Pauli fronts up to the audience it is like a sudden burst of (renewable) energy and excitement has gushed into the room.“

    Tina Perinotto, The Fifth Estate

  • Gunter Pauli “When Gunter Pauli fronts up to the audience it is like a sudden burst of (renewable) energy and excitement has gushed into the room.“
    5 / 5