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Ines Yabar

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Ines Yabar

Peruvian sustainability activist and Senior Global Campaigns Coordinator

Latin America


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Ines Yabar is a Peruvian sustainability activist and Senior Global Campaigns Coordinator who started involvement in solutions for plastic pollution from an early age. She believes she needs to be an administrator for the planet.

Having started working with L.O.O.P. as a volunteer while still at school, she engaged in beach cleanups, gave speeches, and raised awareness about the plastic pollution crises in our oceans. Although much has been done since then, Ines Yabar feels certain more should be done. As a result, she focuses on making people aware of the problem and sharing solutions to address it at the source.

As a young sustainability journalist, Ines Yabar makes voices heard to encourage others to follow suit concerning environmental sustainability. She was recently part of the Peruvian delegation to the Madrid COP25. This was an opportunity to understand the complexity of decision-making and allowed her to be better informed for further fieldwork.

According to Ines Yabar, “It is not because we cannot do everything that we should do nothing. We should always do something, anything.”

The Peruvian government, during the COVID crisis, shared much of her work in the public education system called “Aprendo en Casa” broadcast on national radio and television stations to educate people on environmental issues.

Currently the Global youth Power Manager for Restless Development, Ines Yabar helps young people achieve more than a just and sustainable world and sits on the leadership team. She led the Youth Power Hacks helping young people find solutions to issues identified in their communities in 2021. These days she also mentors teams who found solutions for education issues in Nigeria and India.

Ines Yabar – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Ines Yabar has addressed, amongst others, the TEDCountdown, UN Youth Envoy, the United Nations, the UN SDG Action Campaign, and Plan International UK & COP26. She lives in Peru and speaks Spanish, English, and French.

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