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Inma Puig

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Inma Puig

Spain: Group dynamics and behavioural changes expert for high performaning teams



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    Inma Puig, a psychologist, business consultant, and professor is widely regarded as a group dynamics and behavioural changes expert. Serving in her capacity as a psychologist in sports clubs across the globe, she helps train both players and coaches. She also uses her extensive experience to help companies in different fields. This she does by analysing individual behaviour as well as group dynamics. Doing so enables her to tailor her training to suit the needs of individuals or groups to improve performance.

    Besides her work as a psychologist and with individuals, teams, and businesses, Inma Puig also has an extensive knowledge of business. She shares her expertise in this area in one of her bestsellers, “Family Portraits”. The book covers emotions, something not many people feel comfortable addressing. She is also the author of “A Journey to the Soul of Wines” and “The Emotional Revolution”. Her book, “A Journey to the Soul of Wines”, contributed to her being named as Wine Ambassador FENAVIN 2017.

    Her work with FC Barcelona started in 2003 and continued to 2018. She dealt with football and basketball players at all levels of competition, although she paid special attention to the first teams. She also played a significant role in the development of the educational and personal projects of residents of the Farmhouse.

    Inma Puig has also dedicated much of her time to the world of Formula 1 and Moto GP competitions. She developed personalized strategies for Spanish drivers to help them improve their competitive skills. Those who collaborated with her saw significant improvements in their overall results. She has also helped athletes from other sporting disciplines like tennis, where she helped those who participated in the ATP and WTA professional circuit, skiing, professional horse riding, and golf.

    Inma Puig received the Lady Brotherhood of Cava Sant Sadurni award and an Academy Award from The Family Business Association of Castilla Leon. This was for her teaching and research work on family business.

    Inma Puig – Speaker

    As a conference speaker, Inma Puig deals with issues relating to performance, leadership, and business excellence. She also touches on the less pleasant emotions used by people when dealing with unpleasant situations. She lives in Spain and speaks and presents in Spanish and English.

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