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Javier Diaz-Gimenez

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Javier Diaz-Gimenez

Spanish economics expert, Economics Professor, and bestselling author



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Javier Diaz-Gimenez is an esteemed Economics Professor at IESE and the Cobas A.M. Chair for Savings and Pensions. He is known for his honest, independent, radical, and disruptive approach, which combines his vast knowledge of economic theory with a passion for current events, macroeconomic trends, disruptive technologies, pensions, and communication. His classes, opinions, and media offerings inspire independent thinking and encourage constructive debate.

Academic economy is a diverse field that includes mathematicians, statisticians, and programmers. Javier Diaz-Gimenez is a programmer at heart who uses numerical methods to solve equations that form the basis of algorithms that can simulate the behaviour of artificial economies. His innovative approach has been instrumental in understanding the results of policy reforms in real-life scenarios, including changes in monetary and fiscal policies and pension system reforms.

Javier Diaz-Gimenez’s research has been published in prestigious academic journals, such as the Journal of Political Economy, the Journal of Monetary Economics, and the International Economic Review. He has also co-authored articles with renowned economist Edward C. Prescott, the recipient of the 2004 Nobel Prize in Economics. Javier is a bestselling author who has written two highly regarded textbooks on macroeconomics. His current focus is on financial disruption and pension reform, where he seeks to foster constructive dialogue and promote positive change.

Javier Diaz-Gimenez has extensive experience advising the finance industry, having served on the accounting committee for Martinsa-Fadesa and the Strategy Committee of Consulnor, a wealth management firm that was later acquired by Banca March in 2013. He has also consulted for the economic think tank FEDEA and Orienta Capital, a wealth manager. From 2015 to 2018, he partnered with Sechman Partners, where he focused on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, and corporate finance. His goal is to bring innovative and constructive solutions to the finance industry.

The public sector has offered Javier Diaz-Gimenez various positions, including that of a senior consultant at the Economic Office of the President in 2004. Although he turned down the latter, he has worked as a consultant at the Research Department of the Minister of Industry. His constructive approach to policymaking has helped shape the public discourse on important economic issues.

Javier Diaz-Gimenez has been a vocal advocate for Spanish pension reform for over twenty years. His constructive approach has been instrumental in raising awareness of the need for reform and promoting positive change. The Spanish government has recognized the need for reform and is currently working on implementing changes.

Javier Diaz-Gimenez is a respected media personality, having appeared on radio and television, as well as in newspaper stories. His constructive approach to economic issues has made him a sought-after commentator, with appearances in prestigious media outlets such as COPE, Bloomberg, The Economist, CNN, The Financial Times, and La SER. He also hosts a weekly half-hour podcast, where he promotes constructive dialogue and engagement on important economic issues.

Javier Diaz-Gimenez – Speaker

Javier Diaz-Gimenez is a frequent lecturer for senior executive audiences and a keynote speaker at industry events. He gives talks on a variety of topics, with a focus on macroeconomic trends, pensions, and Bitcoin. His constructive approach to economic issues has made him a respected voice in the industry. He lives in Spain and speaks both Spanish and English.

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