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Javier Goyeneche

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Javier Goyeneche

Spain based entrepreneur speaker specializing in business recycling and transformation



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Spanish entrepreneur Javier Goyeneche is the founder of ECOALF. The company specializes in producing sustainable fashion using recycled products.

Javier Goyeneche, who holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the European Business School and a postgraduate Masters in International Marketing Strategies at Northwestern University Chicago, believes that to achieve success you first need to learn from your mistakes.

His first successful adventure, Fun & Basics, was followed by ECOALF. He founded the latter in 2009, with the company’s name inspired by the initials of his son. The company’s aim is to create fashion based on sustainability and innovation. As a businessman, he was frustrated by the indiscriminate use of natural resources and the resulting waste, especially as is found in industrialised countries.

ECOALF, with the aim of reducing the amount of waste in the world, uses recycled materials to produce fashionable consumer goods. These include swimwear, shoes, accessories, and outerwear.

Besides running a successful business, Javier Goyeneche is also a member of NESI. This is the Global Forum on New Economy and Social Innovation that, he believes, will bring together international representatives of the New Economic Movement. He is also the founder of the ECOALF Foundation that helps clean the Mediterranean with the help of the fishermen of Levante. Collected materials are transformed into various products, including fabric and yarn. The initiative started in 2017, has thus far removed over 250 tons of trash from the seafloor.

Javier Goyeneche – Speaker

A much sought-after speaker on sustainability and business transformation, Javier Goyeneche brings valuable insights into the businesses of the future. He lives in Spain and presents in both Spanish and English.

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