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Joe Navarro

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Joe Navarro

Former FBI, World Leading Expert on Body Language and Human Behavior

North America

United States of America

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Joe Navarro used nonverbal communication as his primary professional tool in the FBI to catch and interview spies, criminals, and terrorists. Since leaving the FBI, his life’s work has been in building awareness about the power of nonverbal communication, debunking myths and falsehoods about nonverbals, and giving people insight into how to better utilize nonverbals to enhance their communication skills.

Joe Navarro was a Spycatcher for the FBI for decades. Using his specialized skills in behavioural assessment, he mastered the craft of counterintelligence through nonverbal communication. Since retiring, he has authored 13 books dealing with human behaviour and lectured widely on the importance and practical use of nonverbal communication.

His knowledge helps us see beyond words, showing real feelings and purposes. Through his Body Language Academy, Joe encourages others to improve their communication skills. His work teaches us about body language and the power of observation and understanding. Joe Navarro is not just an expert; he is a guide to understanding the secrets of human contact.

Recognition and Achievements of Joe Navarro

His expertise in interpreting complex body language has rendered him a valuable asset in behavioural analysis, leadership, and negotiation. Navarro has written thirteen best-selling books, including “What Every BODY is Saying,” which is still the best-selling body language book worldwide. His thoughts have been highlighted in renowned journals such as Psychology Today, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Navarro’s passion for education and training is evident through his Body Language Academy, where he offers exclusive online instruction. This curriculum is aimed to provide individuals with the tools to flourish in their personal and professional lives by understanding nonverbal communication. The academy’s curriculum, reinforced with Navarro’s wide expertise and practical insights, has assisted numerous students and professionals across various industries.

Speaker and Author – Joe Navarro

Navarro is a massively respected author and speaker who shares his profound knowledge of nonverbal communication and its influence on human interaction. His presentations leverage his extensive background in behavioural analysis, gained from his years as an FBI agent, and his deep dive into the psychology of body language. Navarro offers invaluable insights for individuals and organizations, focusing on interpreting nonverbal cues to enhance interpersonal relationships and business negotiations. He is a passionate advocate for applying nonverbal intelligence across various sectors, and his talks often explore themes of influence, trust-building, and the subtle dynamics of human behaviour.

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