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Jonny Brownlee

Jonny Brownlee

Olympic Triathlon Silver & Bronze Medallist


United Kingdom

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The notion that no one wants to live in the shadow of a sibling may be true for most, but not to Jonny Brownlee. At the Rio Olympic Games Jonny won the silver medal behind his brother Jonny and at the 2012 London Olympics, the bronze medal. 

Quite an amazing achievement by two brothers who are also training partners and house mates. Following the Olympics Jonny went on to impressively win the 2012 ITF Triathlon World Series and was crowned World Champion. Jonny was never fazed by his older brother’s achievement. In fact, he took it as a challenge and pursued the same career. Despite the criticism, he went ahead to train and eventually, proved himself equally good.

Jonny only has good things to say about his brother and the two has maintained a good-natured relationship, not once having seen each other as hindrances. They continue to support each other even when they are thrown together in the lion’s den. When competing internationally for their team, they always strive for a Brownlee one-two finish.

In 2016 following the Olympic Games in the final race of the World Cup Series in Cozumel Mexico Jonny was leading the field with 200m to go in front of both his brother the reigning Olympic Champion and the South African Olympic bronze medallist. A win for Jonny meant he would be crowned World Champion for the second time. However Jonny collapsed through heat exhaustion and in an act of true sportsmanship his brother Alistair grabbed him and helped him across the line. Both took joint silver and the race was won by the South African. The world’s media picked up on this amazing sportsmanship and the popularity of the both brothers has grown exponentially.

Notably these roles have been reversed throughout the Brownlee brothers career in competitive triathlon with Jonny helping his older brother in the same situation.

Some say that Jonny’s tactics in the competition are quite aggressive, but this Yorkshire native is unapologetic about who he is. He’ll simply adjust his game and continue to gain the respect of his competitors and his brother.

Those impressed by his sheer determination are willing to bet that he’ll be faster, stronger, and better the next time. When he’s not busy training, Jonny can impart his testimony to audiences keen to know what drives him and his success. Both brothers share their inspiring stories during engagements as speakers.

Both Brownlee brothers can be booked for speaking and appearances by contacting the Promotivate Speakers Agency Europe in London on 02078711829 or by using our contact enquiry form here.

  • “The kids have been totally inspired by what they’ve heard today. Jonny has made them realize that if they train hard, they, too, can one day do what he has done.”

    The Telegraph UK

  • Jonny Brownlee “The kids have been totally inspired by what they’ve heard today. Jonny has made them realize that if they train hard, they, too, can one day do what he has done.”
    5 / 5

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