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Jose Quisocala Condori - Speaker - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Jose Quisocala Condori

Conference Speaker Jose Quisocala Condori - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Jose Quisocala Condori

World’s youngest bank founder, CEO, and eco-activist from Peru

Latin America


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The youngest person to ever start a bank, the Peruvian Jose Quisocala Condori managed this feat at the tender age of seven years. He undertook this initiative intending to reduce poverty, reduce the school dropout rate, eradicate child labor, and protect the environment in his home country Peru.

The young entrepreneur founded Bartselana Student Bank, an innovative Children’s Eco-Bank, to allow children to become economically and financially independent while at the same time helping the environment. This they do by banking recyclable solid waste and getting paid for it. These days, he is working on turning his initiative into a model of Digital Social Banking.

Once the waste is deposited and paid for, the over 2,000 children banking with Bartselana Student Bank, can withdraw their money or leave it to grow. The boy banker, because of his successful initiative, has attended numerous big carpet events. His life story is also featured in a documentary titled “The Future Is Ours” by the Walt Disney Company.

Jose Quisocala Condori, a recognized student entrepreneur and eco-activist, has received several national and international awards for his project. Amongst these, he includes the prestigious Children’s Climate Prize given to a child or youth who has accomplished an extraordinary feat for the environment or climate. He was also awarded the National Prize for Volunteers by the Peruvian Government, as well as receiving an award from the United Nations.

Jose Quisocala Condori – Speaker

As a speaker, Jose Quisocala Condori focuses on a mix of environmental education and financial inclusion for young people. He lives in Peru and speaks Spanish.

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