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Julie Smith

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Julie Smith

United Kingdom: Mental health expert, TikTok star, and bestselling author



United Kingdom

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    With over ten years of experience as a physical psychologist, Dr Julie Smith is the first professional to use TikTok to give insights about therapy. She launched her TikTok channel after running her own successful practice. Her mission is to provide easily accessible health education material for those who need it.

    Julie Smith has seen her work provide hope and guidance in the field of mental health and wellbeing. She has transformed the way people see these issues. Her two roles as a chartered member of the British Psychological Society and as a registered Health Care Professions Council member allow her to share her knowledge and experience with others within the mental health industry.

    Her professional journey began in the NHS. The time spent there gave Julie Smith opportunities to provide specialised psychological services in an acute ward for the Ministry of Defence. It also allowed her to show her ability to manage high-pressure situations. She is also affiliated with the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy.

    A respected mental health influencer, Julie Smith makes use of online platforms where she provides resources to people who cannot access therapy. She empowers people from all stages of life, including school children and business professionals. Her work has helped bring about positive changes within the mental health community. She currently has over sixty million followers across her social media platforms.

    Her bestselling debut book ‘Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before’, published in 2022, became a Sunday Times Bestseller. Translated into more than forty languages, the book was shortlisted for the British Book Awards ‘Book Of The Year’.

    Julie Smith – Speaker

    Dr Julie Smith, a leading authority in her field, has become a sought-after speaker on an international scale. Passionate about promoting positive change in society, she wants to change the stereotypical image people have about the topic of mental health. Her clinical background and social media presence make her a popular choice when hiring someone to speak at an event. She lives in the UK and speaks English.

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