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Luke Robert Mason

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Luke Robert Mason

Host & Media Producer of FUTURE Podcast explores the multitude of possible tomorrows


United Kingdom

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Luke Robert Mason, a British-born science communicator, is the Director of Virtual Futures. The company brings different artists, cultural theorists, philosophers, fiction writers, and technologists together in or to investigate the future by way of a technological-philosophical aspect.

The Virtual Futures organisation would run conferences where groups of renegade philosophers lock horns with the future based on the provocations of evidence provided by the emergence of the Internet. Their predictions were wild, exerted creative licence and were unfaithful to every academic discipline.

Soon these events evolved into a unique, international gathering where the morphing of cultural space was accelerated by the head-on collision of science, theory, music, fiction, and multimedia. Today the conferences continue to connect audiences with one of the most important intellectual and cultural developments of our times – the technological extension of the human condition. Luke Robert Mason is the present day driver behind Virtual Futures.

His career has seen him make contributions in many areas, including as a journalist for BBC Click Radio, Discovery Channel, Wired Magazine, VICE Motherboard, and The Guardian. Luke is also currently the host of a Futurism documentary series title ‘Science Nonfiction’, a series that sees him travel across the United States, engaging companies that are rewriting what was previously thought impossible. Each episode sees Luke learn more about technologies that were once only the prerogative of science fiction, but that are now found in our homes, vehicles, and work environments.

Luke has, over the years, been a visiting lecturer at a number of international institutions, both in the UK and abroad. Amongst these are the Royal College of Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, University of Warwick, the London School of Economics, and the Royal Academy of Art.

Holding an MA in Media Arts, Philosophy Practice from the Centre for Fine Arts Research (CFAR) at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD), as well as a BA in Theatre, Performance And Cultural Studies from the University of Warwick, Luke is also a member of the artist collective The Institute of Unnecessary Research (IUR).

Luke Robert Mason – Speaker

Luke has given keynote presentations to audiences around the globe and collaborated with a number of Fortune 500 companies. His passion is engaging audiences with all things pertaining to scientific theory and technological development. Speaking on all things related to virtual science and its impact on humans, Luke takes audiences on a path of self-discovery, stimulating critical thinking.

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