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Martin Butler

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Martin Butler

International Speaker on Retail Customer Service, Loyalty & Sales


United Kingdom

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Martin Butler us a highly popular speaker, lecturer and thought leader whose expertise lies in educating leaders in business, corporations and conferences on how to work with the modern customer.

Born into retailing, Martin Butler knows what it takes to succeed when it comes to the modern customer. As an entrepreneur, a marketer, and more recently author, lecturer and high-end consultant, Martin has worked with many world-famous names and spoken to many thousands in conferences, business schools and masterclasses. His conference keynote speeches on customer loyalty and sales expertise transcends across all retail orientated sectors from the traditional business – the shop floor, to online and retail banking. In 2015, Martin was guest author writing about the modern customer in ‘Retail Banking’ by Anna Omarini of the Bocconi University and Business School, Milan.


Martin’s Customer Service orientated keynote is titled ‘Winning the War’.
Always fascinating, always entertaining. Audiences always enjoy learning from and being inspired by his global research findings – always finding something to take back to their own organisations to help them win the war for the modern customer.From Melbourne to Mumbai, UK to UAE, New Zealand to New York.

From keynotes to business schools, Martin has spoken at events on every continent and is the bestselling author of international titles:

Martin Butler is available for corporate and conference speaking bookings via Promotivate Speakers Agency Europe’s London office: T. +44 2078711829 or through the Promotivate website.