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Matteo Renzi

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Matteo Renzi

Youngest ever Italian Prime Minister and advocate for political and economic reform



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    Matteo Renzi has a wealth of experience in global political and economic affairs. His wide-ranging knowledge and experience in the field of environmental and international affairs, as well as his keen insights and grasp of global economics, are respected by decision makers in various fields.

    As a child, Matteo Renzi joined the Scouts movement. His experiences during this time are carried forward in his personal slogan garnered from the movement’s founder, Baden Powell: “…leave the world a little better than we found it…”

    Upon completion of his schooling, Matteo Renzi went on to gain a law degree. From there he went on to join the family business, working as a manager dealing with marketing services. He also served as editor of the magazine “Camminiamo Insieme”.

    His involvement in politics saw him elected President of the Province of Florence in 2004. His tenure saw him introduce tax reforms and focus on environmental and cultural issues. Five years later saw him elected Mayor of Florence. From there he went on to become Prime Minister of Italy, the youngest person ever in the position. He was also the first serving mayor to become Prime Minister. His tenure as Prime Minister also saw him become elected the leader of the G7. This group of seven countries have the seven largest advanced economies in the world.

    His time at the helm of Italian politics saw Matteo Renzi make numerous government reforms. Amongst these, he includes changes with regards to the Italian electoral system, relaxation in laws pertaining to labour and employment in order to boost economic growth in the country, the simplification of civil trials, public administration reforms, the abolition of certain taxes, and the introduction of same-sex civil unions. The rejection of his constitutional reforms saw him resign his position and resulted in him taking on the position of Secretary of The Democratic Party for five years.

    In 2014, Fortune magazine ranked Matteo Renzi as the third most influential person under 40 in the world, while Foreign Policy listed him as one of the world’s Top 100 Global Thinkers.

    Matteo Renzi is a member of the Italian senate whose compelling career has made him a highly regarded figure within the political arena.

    Matteo Renzi – Speaker

    Matteo Renzi, as a conference speaker, delivers compelling, engaging talks that capture his audience’s attention.

    Matteo Renzi lives in Italy and presents in English, French and Italian.

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