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Mirko Ross

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Mirko Ross

Expert in open innovation, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, & disruptive business models



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    Mirko Ross is a founding partner and the CEO of ‘digital worx’. The software company, focusing on mobile applications, is based in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany. An entrepreneur at heart, he founded his first tech company in 1998. He is also the founder and Product Owner of asvin.io, a company started in 2018 as an open-source solution for the secure distribution of updates and patches for the Internet of Things.

    Besides seeing to his business, Mirko Ross, since 2017, has served as an IoT Architect for HORIZON2020 EU projects KATANA and IoTCrawler. He is also on the advisory board of DigiCode GmbH, a transactional communication solution provider in the Internet of Things.

    Marko Ross Teaches web engineering and mobile software development at the University of Heilbronn and is involved in both public and private research for open and secure Internet of Things standards. He is a member of the Internet of Things Council, a global IoT think tank. As part of the European Commission’s SME Instrument and FI-Business programme, Mirko Ross supports startups in the fields of eHealth and Industrial IoT.

    Mirko Ross has, since 2017, also been a member of the Expert Group on Security for the Internet of Things, the European Network and Information Security Agency ENSIA, and involved in European and German research by HORIZON2020. 

    His involvement in Blockchain/Distribution Ledger since 2018 resulted from his membership of the IOTA Evangelist Network. His involvement in the HORIZON2020 EU project IoT Crawler sees Mirko Ross work with international partners on indexing secure research in the Internet of Things.

    Mirko Ross – Speaker

    An internationally experienced conference speaker, Mirko Ross, who presents in both German and English and lives in Germany, focusses on open innovation, the Internet of Things, cybersecurity, and disruptive business models.

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