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Mustafa Suleyman

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Mustafa Suleyman

Co-Founder of Inflection AI & DeepMind Co-Founder and AI expert

North America

United Kingdom

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    Mustafa Suleyman started out life as an entrepreneur. He started a telephone counselling service aimed at Muslim youth. This organization became one of the largest health support services of its kind in the UK.

    After this, Mustafa went on to work as a policy officer on human rights for Ken Livingston who at the time was Mayor of London, whereafter he started Reos Partners, a ‘systemic change’ consultancy using conflict resolution to address social issues. Amongst his many clients at the time Mustafa Suleyman counts the United Nations, the Dutch Government, and WWF.

    From there, Mustafa went on to co-found DeepMind Technologies, an artificial intelligence/machine learning company. He was the Chief Product Officer. The company, that quickly established itself as a leader in the AI sector, had the backing of Elon Musk, Scott Bannister, and the Founders Fund, amongst others. DeepMind Technologies was later sold to Google in 2014.

    Subsequent to the sale, however, Mustafa took on the role of Head of Applied AI at the company, a position that made him responsible for integrating the company’s technology with Google’s many products.

    Two years later, in 2016, Mustafa launched DeepMind Health at the Royal Society of Medicine in the UK. The aim is to build and improve frontline healthcare services by using technology. The organization has partnered with various healthcare organisations throughout the UK, such as University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Cancer Research UK Imperial Centre, applying machine learning to many aspects of healthcare.

    Although he predominantly deals in AI, Mustafa is well known for his role in the debate regarding AI ethics. He has addressed many companies, governments, and society at large on the topic while holding people working in this field accountable for their actions. To this end, he has started a research unit, DeepMind Ethics that studies the impact of AI in order to help put certain ethics into practice.

    One of his latest projects is Partnership on AI, where Mustafa is a founding co-chair. The organization has representatives from global companies in the field, including DeepMind, Google, IBM, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft. The focus of the organization is determining best practices relating to AI technologies, to help the public understand the AI concept, and to discuss and engage in the issues pertaining to AI’s effect on individuals and society at large.

    Mustafa Suleyman – Speaker

    Mustafa Suleyman engages his audiences in all aspects of the AI phenomenon. With the ability to expand on the benefits of AI and its uses in all aspects of modern society, he is equally versed in discussing and explaining the moral ethics involved in the concept.

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