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Neha Shukla

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Neha Shukla

US Global influencer, inventor, and STEM and innovation activist for youth

North America

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    Neha Shukla is a young inventor and innovation advocate for youth who did a stint as a NASA intern. She is passionate about using science and technology to create positive change in communities.

    The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic in her local community prompted Neha Shukla to create a solution. She invented a wearable social-distancing device called SixFeetApart. The device uses ultrasonic technology to slow the spread of the pandemic and save lives.

    Her invention resulted in her featuring in the New York Times, ABC, Bloomberg, and on the Nasdaq billboard in New York City’s Times Square. Her work gained recognition from the British Royal Family through the Diana Award in memory of the late Princess Diana of Wales. Back home, President Biden recognised her contribution through the National Presidential Service Award. Named a 2021 Global Teen Leader, Neha Shukla represents the USA for her innovations and outreach.

    It was while tackling various real-world problems through her innovative approach that Neha Shukla noticed the vast gap in youth innovation. She feels a collaborative approach is needed to solve these problems that include, amongst others, cybersecurity threats, COVID-19, and climate change, and that the youth needs to form part of the solution.

    As part of a national campaign with Olay and Harper’s Bazaar, Neha Shukla urges corporations to support young girls and women with a passion for technology through scholarships, mentorship, and funding. A bestselling author, her book ‘Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM’ highlights her 4-step innovation process to build an innovation ecosystem. Her partnering with Microsoft gives under-resourced students across the globe access to youth innovation resources.

    Her stint as a NASA intern saw Neha Shukla work on satellite mission design and orbital mechanics for earth-orbiting satellites. These satellites will protect environment zones most at risk using satellite sensing. She currently works with the World Economic Forum where she chairs the Generation AI Youth Council. The council fights for child-safe AI systems through policy change in collaboration with various governments, corporations, and educational institutions.

    Neha Shukla – Speaker

    As a speaker, Neha Shukla is on a mission to use science and technology and her passion for helping others to solve real-world problems and help people across the globe. She lives in the USA and presents in English.

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