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Nicole Brandes

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Nicole Brandes

Swiss based conference speaker, published expert on leadership and performing better at work



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Nicole Brandes is a global influencer, advisor for executives, and keynote speaker on new leadership, self-directed change, and breakthrough performance.

She believes in the unlimited power of the mind and the infinite possibilities of life. In her work, Nicole provides unique clarity and a renewed sense of vision and purpose for individuals everywhere.

Nicole Brandes has worked with some of the world’s most powerful opinion leaders as an international management coach, author, and thinker of the future of business. She has traveled to over 100 countries across the globe, talking to companies crossing all sectors, successfully giving executives guidance about digitization, disruption, and its many complexities.

She sees her role as one where she helps people develop leadership skills aimed towards the future. According to Nicole, “digitalization, and people’s yearning to ‘belong’ is steadily increasing, and those in positions of leadership need to master the interpersonal skills to deal with this.’ A partner in the Zukunftsinstitut, Nicole Brandes has her hand on the pulse of new business technologies and trends and their effects on business.

Nicole’s area of expertise is something very close to her own heart, as she is of Asian and European heritage. Her areas of study include languages (University of Zurich and Grenada), an MBA in Strategic Management, and a postgraduate degree in Communication. She added to her skill set by studying Taoism with the grandmasters, learning from them the laws of success.

Nicole’ss career in management has encompassed many different roles; working for the Swissair Executive Committee she led the Care Team in the Halifax plane crash. She built the VIP Club at UBS, managed the foundation for Queen Silvia of Sweden and has won a business award for the marketing of the oldest privately owned bank in Sweden. Nicole also established a successful communications department for two well-known companies dealing in hedge funds and private equity.

Amongst her many clients, she includes such greats as Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google (amongst many others) and has taken to the stage for TEDx, Futures Day, and the Alpine Symposium.

Human skills are the key to a new way of leadership – one that is inspiring, creates room for creativity and connects people. Because this is what makes us different from machines.” – Nicole Brandes

Nicole Brandes – Speaker

Nicole’s keynotes inspire and inform people to find a life of confidence, self-determination, and fulfilment.  She has found this place and would like to encourage you to start your journey there.

“Be inspired by the thrilling stories that have shaped Nicole Brandes’s career and life. Stories that take you from the picturesque Swiss countryside to the Swedish royal family to the world of international investment. But this moving talk by Nicole Brandes is sure to lead you to the most important place of all: To yourself.”

Nicole Brandes succeeded in establishing herself in international top management by deciding to concentrate on her own strengths. She helps others to do the same.

When focusing her keynote delivery on leadership, Nicole is convinced that great, strong leaders are aware of people’s aspirations. They hold the compass in their hands ready to guide. In addition, she believes this: “A great manager also keeps his feet on the ground in the strongest storm – even when that storm is called digitalization.”

Nicole advocates that ‘we need to know our personal power source which is our vein of gold.’ Because then you can keep your inner strength even in the greatest chaos. In her eye-opening keynote, Nicole Brandes shows you the way to a life that promises more than success. A life that will lead you to fulfilment and the highest level of achievement. To a truly brilliant life.

“Discover your full force and wake the great leader in you!”

As a speaker, Nicole is rated amongst Europe’s top female conference speakers. She inspires, educates, and unites people.  Nicole is fluent in English, German, Spanish, and French. In addition, she is a highly experienced and versatile conference moderator and host for high-level technology-related events.

“Nicole Brandes fascinates and delights! It (her talk) sensitizes managers for the future and pulls along. An absolute pleasure with lasting effect.”Werner von Allmen, CEO Swiss Excellence Forum

Keynote Speaking Titles


Highly Acclaimed Author

Nicole has written three award-winning business books. The most recent, “We-Q”, was nominated the Business Book of the Year.


WE-Q We-Intelligence: Why we will go under without it and be very successful if we use it
The rapid changes in the world of work present huge challenges for managers, entrepreneurs and employees. Nicole Brandes is convinced that in order to master the complexity of the 21st century, we need one thing: Human connection.

And so, in her exciting book, she shows that we-intelligence is not trivial, but rather a basic success factor.


9 strategies for a life that you love

I love my life.“ Nicole Brandes wants all people to be able to say this from the bottom of their hearts. From coaching managers and CEOs, she knows what is missing for a lot of high performers: A passion project or the fulfilment of their dreams.

The 9 strategies help them to find their spark again, use all their power and unleash their potential. So: This can’t have been everything.


Confident. Self-determined. Self-fulfilled.

This book by Nicole Brandes is particularly aimed at women who are caught on the hamster wheel of life. They are ambitious, hard-working, sacrifice themselves for their partner, their children, their boss. And their own needs. They leave themselves behind along the way.

The author knows this well from her time in top management. She wrote this book to support you to find yourself again. And ultimately live a fulfilled and successful life.

To Book Nicole Brandes for Keynotes and Virtual Events Worldwide

Nicole is booked to speak or moderate at events in person and also for virtual events by contacting Promotivate’s main office in Barcelona on +34 938004890. We will provide information with regards to Nicole’s availability, content, and fees based on the requirement. Alternatively, you can submit a booking inquiry by sending an email to


  • “One of the best speeches on China I've ever heard. Brilliant, informative and eloquent. I really enjoyed it.”

    Tomas Etzler, CNN Producer and Emmy Award Winner

  • Nicole Brandes “One of the best speeches on China I've ever heard. Brilliant, informative and eloquent. I really enjoyed it.”
    5 / 5
  • “Nicole Brandes brings the key to the table: How to manage the human driving forces in a connected world, powerful and inspiring.”

    Yumi Kan, Head Corporate Building Systems & Industry and Automotive Member of Group Management, SIKA AG

  • Nicole Brandes “Nicole Brandes brings the key to the table: How to manage the human driving forces in a connected world, powerful and inspiring.”
    5 / 5