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Per Bergfors Nyberg

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Per Bergfors Nyberg

Experienced television journalist, presenter, and debate and panel moderator



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    An experienced international television journalist, Swedish-born Per Bergfors Nyberg has worked in numerous newsrooms in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. His career spans over two decades and has seen him report from different areas across the globe where he has covered numerous topics including sports and current affairs.

    Per Bergfors Nyberg has worked for a plethora of news outlets that include CNN, Euronews, Swedish Television, Eurosport/Discovery, CBS, and various others. Someone with a Bachelor’s degree from Piedmont College in Georgia, USA, and a Master’s Degree from King’s College, London, uses his academic background to provide depth and knowledge in his reporting.

    His international career has seen Per Bergfors Nyberg host both national and international news programmes. He has reported live as a correspondent and taken on the role of editor/producer. Whatever his role, however, he has made it a priority to deliver a state-of-the-art production committed to the highest ethical standards and news judgements, no matter how demanding the situation. His focus has always been on attaining exceptional editorial and technical standards, accuracy, transparency, and speed.

    The wide range of topics and stories by Per Bergfors Nyberg during his career includes several summer and winter Olympics, war and terrorism stories, politics, entertainment, and finance. His factual stories provide useful insight into any situation.

    During his career, Per Bergfors Nyberg has interviewed high-ranking political figures like prime ministers, actors, newsmakers, and A-list artists as well as those directly affected by the news. He boasts a high level of technical knowledge on all aspects of live broadcasting, shooting, and the editing of television pieces.

    Because of his many hours of presenting live news programming, Per Bergfors Nyberg has become an expert in moderating debates and hosting events. He has worked as a guest lecturer at Sweden’s Fojo Media Institute where he taught fellow journalists about video production and television for online publication.

    Per Bergfors Nyberg – Moderator

    Due to his background in journalism and debate and panel moderation, Per Bergfors Nyberg is able to deal with a large variety of topics. He currently resides in Spain and is fluent in Spanish, English, and Swedish.

    Moderation Topics

    Because of his background, Per easily sets the tone for a plethora of successful events. He can steer topics, making sure they do not veer off course. This helps ensure an exciting, lively debate.