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Prince Ea is the stage name of Richard Williams, an American poet, rapper, filmmaker, and above all, spoken word artist. He is a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a full scholarship and degree in Anthropology.

After completing his university education, Prince Ea pursued a career in Hip Hop. This period also saw him start and popularise the “Make S.M.A.R.T. Cool” movement. This movement promoted values such as free thought, intelligence, creativity, and unity by means of hip hop music and its surrounding culture. The term “S.M.A.R.T.” is an acronym for “Sophisticating Minds And Revolutionizing Thought”.

The movement also has a very successful line of clothing that has gained the support of numerous artists. Amongst these are included August Rigo and Traphik.

Prince Ea also made a few rapping videos that were predominantly for his own entertainment. One of these were entered into a Vibe magazine contest which he won. He was also the first hip hop artist to feature in Discover Magazine. This was due to him winning a Funk Volume competition. Prince Ea also won the Riverfront Times “Best hip-hop artist in St. Louis” in 2011.

These days, Prince Ea is better known for his motivational and inspirational Films and content. His YouTube videos have received more than two billion views. Amongst the topics covered, he includes work-life balance, spirituality, the environment, relationships, and many others.

The great change in focus came about when Prince Ea realised that the only thing he wanted was happiness. This desire led him to start reading both old and newer texts on spirituality.

‘Through literature and introspection, I realized that “doing” will never make me happy, it is only in “being” where happiness and peace arises.’ – Prince Ea

This, as well as the realization of the shortness of human life,  led to the creation of the content he produces these days. According to Prince Ea, “I am grateful for every moment, every unrepeatable miracle, and while I’m here I want to reach every single heart on the planet to show them that at our core we are Love, we are free, and we are one”.

Prince Ea – Speaker

Prince Ea, as a speaker, has touched millions of people across the globe. His creative inspirational and thought-provoking material has seen him receive billions of views and millions of followers on social media.

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  • “Despite the slightly distracting shirt, this short video is probably the most direct and concise explanation of purpose I have ever heard.”

    Allan Isfan, Director of Business Development @ Youi TV, Founder Zen&Now and Maximum Impact

  • Prince Ea “Despite the slightly distracting shirt, this short video is probably the most direct and concise explanation of purpose I have ever heard.”
    5 / 5
  • "He Inspires Me."

    Queen Latifah

  • Prince Ea "He Inspires Me."
    5 / 5
  • "Clear, Powerful, On It."

    Iyanla Vanzant

  • Prince Ea "Clear, Powerful, On It."
    5 / 5
  • "Powerful Message, Visionary Filmmaker."

    Oprah Winfrey

  • Prince Ea "Powerful Message, Visionary Filmmaker."
    5 / 5