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Richard Browning

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Richard Browning

True-life Iron Man who builds and flies jet suits: founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries


United Kingdom

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Richard Browning is a true-life Iron Man who both builds and designs jet suits. A pioneer in a new area of human flight, he is the founder and chief test pilot of Gravity Industries. The company, founded in 2017, sets out to challenge the limits of human aviation while inspiring others. His dream was to reimagine human flight through fostering a partnership between body and machine.

His career before founding Gravity saw him a Royal Marines reservist for six years, as well as that of Oil Trader with BP. He worked for the latter for 16 years, during which time he discovered and implemented new technologies. These resulted in him as the recipient of the BP Group Innovation Award.

Besides Gravity, Richard Browning has been a key participant and investor in several startup companies. He feels inspired by technological change and challenges and the various possibilities they offer.

As for Gravity, Richard Browning considers his father his inspiration. His father was an innovator and played a large role in developing his innovation mindset. The company’s success during their first twelve months inspired Richard and his team to build it into a world-class aeronautical engineering business that challenges the boundaries of human innovation and inspires new a new generation to push the limits.

Richard Browning – Speaker

Richard Browning, as a conference speaker, believes in dreaming of the impossible and making it achievable. His talks see him share his ideas, innovation, new technologies, and success story. He lives in the United Kingdom and presents in English.

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