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Rik Vera

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Rik Vera

One of the world’s leading authorities on extreme customer centricity



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    With a history of over 25 years in C-level management in leading global manufacturing countries, Rik Vera’s tools have always combined extreme customer centricity, technology, changing the status quo, and changing business models where needed to better serve customers. And, to top it all, he believes in doing so in a sustainable and future-proof way.

    The years between 2010 and 2015 saw Rik Vera coaching, advising, and assisting large technology companies.

    Rik Vera has, since 2010, travelled to countries across the globe. He delivered over 1,000 highly rated keynotes and workshops in over 30 countries. His audiences included all segments of the business market.

    A partner in and CEO of nexxworks, he is also a guest lecturer who has spent time at various business schools in France, Belgium, The Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

    His topics, over the years, have been the same. It remains that hotspot where extreme customer centricity meets technology meets changing the business model to better serve customers.

    Rik Vera emphasizes that he does not foresee the future. He believes nobody can. But his passionate curiosity sees him push companies and leaders into a curious mindset. Rik is the author of “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”. The book discusses company management concerning digital transformation, innovation mindset, extreme customer centricity, business model design, and creating sustainable, future-proof organizations.

    Rik Vera – Keynote Speaker

    Rik is a renowned thought-leader, worldwide keynote speaker and author of business bestseller “Managers The Day After Tomorrow”. He’s a trusted advisor on the topics of extreme customer centricity, innovation in the digital era, business model change, sales, marketing, and leading companies on their journey to their very own Day After Tomorrow. In his latest book “The Guide to the Ecosystem Economy”, Rik helps companies to find their place on the Ecosystem Canvas.

    Speaking Topics


    What does it mean for a company? What does it mean for you and me that are in business? The answer is simple and not new at all. More than ever: extreme customer-centricity is a must. Connect to many will be easier than ever before and engage individuals will be more important than ever before. Combining both is a matter of survival.

    In this keynote, Rik sets the scene, warning leadership to not freeze a company in a temporary coma. They should act immediately and at full force. There never was a better moment to make companies future proof.

    The content of the book has evolved as the context has changed over time and so has the meaning of the content. In this keynote, Rik revisits Managers The Day After Tomorrow from the perspective of the new challenges to better understand the new Day After Tomorrow and how managers should prepare for that New Normal.

    The questions that Rik wanted to answer in his book are more relevant than ever before. The changes in the outside world and those of the consumer are more devastating than we could ever have imagined in 2018. The waves of change are not only driven by technology but are amplified by the disruptive force of a virus that has killed the world as we have known it for many decades in just a couple of weeks. And that has created room for a completely new world of unknown ecosystems, business models, and customer behaviour.

    In this keynote Rik re-visits, his book and re-defines what management should be like for Managers in this New Day After Tomorrow.

    We have entered the Twilight Twenties. It is the time of monsters and creeps. There are no scripts and those that travel it based on assumptions will not survive. Assumptions will kill.

    The good old ‘robust’ culture was inside-out, top-down, balanced scorecard driven, hierarchical, rigid, no longer in tune with the outside world, and based on patterns and assumptions. It was killing companies in the past and it will be killing even more companies in this era of lightspeed changes. Change it while you still can. Start very simply by implementing one essential new KPI which is the perfect antidote for the ‘robust’ culture: the Net Curiosity Score (#NCS).

    The scripts for The Day After Tomorrow are in the making. The game will be won by those that know how to adapt to the new rules.  It will be the curious ones who re-write those rules. In this keynote, Rik explains the why, how, and what of the new culture that companies need to adapt and why curiosity is the leading force to make that change.

    What is curiosity? How to create it? How to measure? How to enhance it? What are the enablers and what are the barriers?

    This is the era of the Smart Ecosystems Economy. We need companies to be ready to cope with randomness and unexpected events. We need companies to be systems that are not eaten by chaos and do not think they can control chaos, but companies that are antifragile and grow by randomness.

    We all know that antifragile systems are the answer, but how do you build them?

    In this hands-on keynote, Rik explains what it takes to become antifragile and how to build an antifragile system. He will explain what “smart” is and how to build a smart ecosystem or how to participate in one. Rik will help you to solve this antifragile mystery and turn it into actionable building blocks.

    Do you want to know;

    All that and more in a 45 minutes dazzling tsunami of slides, pictures, formulas, quotes, analogies and brand new and challenging insights. Never a dull moment with Rik.

    “The only thing that will come to mind will be: what was this? And the vibes will last for days. You may even be rewired for life.”