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Robert Muggah

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Robert Muggah

Expert in smart cities, digital resilience, public security and the design of new technologies


Latin America

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A specialist in cities, security, migration, and new technologies, Robert Muggah is the co-founder of the Igarapé Institute. This award-winning think tank focusses on better public security, criminal justice, data privacy, and city resilience. He is currently the director of research.

Robert Muggah is al the co-founder of the SecDec Foundation and Group. This organisation drives digital transformation and reduces cyber threats around the world. His work as principal sees him lead the organisation’s work on digitally secure cities.

A senior advisor to McKinsey Group, Robert Muggah also sits on the boards of several technology startups. He has also worked with many national and city governments, as well as technology companies and international agencies. Amongst these, he includes Google, Uber, the United Nations, and the World Bank.

Robert Muggah is the recipient of several academic and humanitarian awards and is or has been on the faculty of or an invited fellow of New York University, Singularity University, Oxford University, the University of San Diego, and various others.

He is the author of several books and has edited and contributed to dozens of books and peer-review articles. Robert also regularly makes inputs into the annual United Nations Human Development Report, the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Reports, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Fragility Reports, and various others.

Regarding his research projects, Robert Muggah is often cited in international media, including CBC, CNN, Financial Times, Economist, BBC, and many others. He regularly speaks at Global Smart City Expo, the World Economic Forum’s annual summit, and TED, amongst others. Robert is also an invited associate of the World Economic Forum’s Council of Cities and Urbanisation, and advisor to the Global Risk Report, co-chair to the Global Parliament of Mayors, and many others.

Robert Muggah has a DPhil from Oxford University, an MPhil from the University of Sussex, and a BA from King’s College and Dalhousie University.

Robert Muggah – Speaker

As a speaker, Robert Muggah is at the leading edge of debates on the future of cities, disruptive technologies, digital and real threats, and the future of liberal democracy. His experience covers over 20 years’ working on the frontlines of many world conflict zones and criminal hotspots. Using exciting data and visual tools, he addresses corporate, public sector, non-profit, and academic audiences worldwide on global challenges and solutions.

Robert Muggah travels from Brazil and presents in English.

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