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Robert T. Kiyosaki

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Robert T. Kiyosaki

Stock Market Guru, Entrepreneur and author of Personal Finance Best Seller of All Time ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’

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    Robert Kiyosaki is a bestselling author, investor, and businessman. Yet despite his early success, he became best known as an author who takes his message to the world on the topic of personal finance. According to him, most people work for money without ever learning how to allow their money to work for them.

    Born in Hawaii, Robert Kiyosaki is a 4th generation Japanese American who comes from a prominent family of educators. Upon completing high school, he moved to New York to embark on his higher education. Once graduating, however, he did not immediately go into business. Instead, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and went to Vietnam.

    After his return from Vietnam, Robert Kiyosaki first worked for the Xerox Corporation before starting his own company in 1977. The company, which focused on marketing nylon and Velcro surfer wallets, soon grew into a global mega-million-dollar concern.

    Eight years later, i.e., in 1985, Robert Kiyosaki went on to found a company focusing on business and investment education. Although he retired at the age of 47, he never lost his love of investing. His retirement did not last long. He wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad during his retirement. The book became a New York Times bestseller. His success led to an increase in his writing efforts. He soon had three books on top 10 seller lists simultaneously. Amongst these lists, he includes those of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today.

    Robert Kiyosaki has also patented a board game called CASHFLOW® 101. The game aims to teach people financial strategies. He is greatly concerned about the growing discrepancy between rich and poor.

    Robert Kiyosaki – Speaker

    Although his business concerns these days include trading, the building up of businesses, and real estate, Robert Kiyosaki feels his true passion is in teaching. Someone who has appeared on top national television and radio shows, amongst them Oprah, he has become an acclaimed global speaker on financial education.

    Robert lives in the USA and presents in English.

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