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Roland Damann

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Roland Damann

German innovator, inventor, and world traveler for water quality



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An innovator, inventor, and world traveler for water quality, German engineer Roland Damann is the co-inventor of AQUATECTOR®. The system revolutionised fish farming and aquaculture across the globe.

The 1990s saw him and his team start specialising in the treatment of wastewater by using microflotation. This process, dating back to the Middle Ages, sees the bonding of hydrophobic particles to gas bubbles. These particles then rise to the surface when the gas bubbles ascend. He has, since its inception, managed to perfect the process, implementing it in over fifty countries.

His role in standardising microflotation as the norm in the treatment of wastewater resulted in him being presented with various awards and accolades, most notably the Innovation Award NRW. Roland Damann sees the honors bestowed as both incentives and obligations, spurring him on to do even more for the environment.

The microflotation system, although highly effective, only works when placed next to a large area of water. In order to clean the water, you need to pump or isolate it from lakes or seas. Although a brilliant solution, it does pose problems in high-population and large industrial areas. Such a system cannot keep up with the demand. Neither can it clean up exceptionally large bodies of water like large lakes or even oceans.

His innovative solution involves introducing microflotation directly into these large bodies of water through a floating ring which, in its middle, generates microbubbles that have a high bubble density. This would attract even the tiniest microplastic particles and transport them to the surface. According to Roland Damann, this method poses an almost 100% efficiency in removing plastic particles without the need for chemicals. It also makes little use of energy and is also a maintenance-free system.

Roland Damann and his predominantly female team are currently working on putting a prototype into operation. He refers to this disruptive innovation in environmental technology as his life’s dream. The pilot project should be operational during the course of 2022.

Roland Damann – Speaker

As a conference speaker, Roland Damann has a passion for environmental issues, especially the effect of microplastics in water sources. He gives audiences insights into the issues caused by microplastics and the innovative manner in which you can solve the problem. He lives in Germany and speaks German and English.

Speaking Topics

Roland Damann speaks on various aspects of water pollution, the problems it poses, and the possible solutions to these issues.