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Silvia Garcia

Conference Speaker Silvia Garcia - By Promotivate Speaker Agency

Silvia Garcia

Former Global Director of Marketing and the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola


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Silvia Garcia occupies a truly unique space at the intersection of leadership, neuroscience, and psychology. Drawing from her experience as the Global Director of Marketing and the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola, she excels in enhancing well-being, engagement, communication, creativity, trust, and resilience.

The founder and CEO of Feel:) Logic and Happiest Place to Work, Silvia Garcia focuses on helping organizations measure and grow happiness in the workplace. She also trains and certifies Chief Happiness Officers in these institutions. The aim is to help organisations use up-to-date science of happiness techniques to create a work environment that allows employees to flourish, reduce absenteeism, and increase innovations.

Considered a World Authority on Happiness, Silvia Garcia is regularly invited to the United Nations to discuss the annual report on happiness as commissioned by the UN. Her words spark ripples of energy, enthusiasm, and well-being, inspiring audiences to cultivate a culture of high resilience, trust, and collaboration. With Silvia as a guide, the journey towards higher happiness and lasting positive change is both exciting and enriching.

Besides her speaking engagements and running her companies, Silvia Garcia is a prolific writer who regularly contributes to various media. Silvia is Fluent in English, Spanish, and French

Silvia Garcia – Speaker

As an in-demand conference speaker, Silvia Garcia regularly engages diverse groups on her subject matter