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Tijen Onaran

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    Tijen Onaran studied politics, history, and public law, after which she initially embarked on careers in politics and business, e-commerce to be precise. In 2016, however, the young entrepreneur started her own business, Women in Digital eV, a strategy and digital consultancy aimed at women in the digital industry and startups.

    I’m a fan of smart and charismatic communication work. In my jobs, I have always found it very difficult to find PR and strategy consultancies that combine passion and realism to create exciting stories. After a few conversations, I realized that it’s not just me, but others as well. That’s how the idea for startup affairs came into being, and then it simply meant: doing.” – Tijen Onaran

    Tijen’s career in politics started when she was twenty. She worked for the European Parliament, the Bundestag, and the Federal President’s Office.

    Her experience stood her well when she went into the private sector, taking on a position as Head of Communications for Quadriga Hochschule Berlin and the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA). While Head of Communications for the Händlerbund, the largest online trade association in Europe, Tijen Onaran was actively involved with public relations with a focus on the digital scene. Her expertise has landed her a place on the Faculty Board for Digital Leadership of the Management School St.Gallen.

    In 2015 Tijen launched a network focused on women in politics, business, and the media. This effort culminated in the founding of Women in Digital eV in 2016. The organisation is registered as a non-profit and aims to empower women in the digital economy.

    Tijen is a prolific writer, with her work regularly published in WELT, the Handelsblatt, and WirtschaftsWoche. She is currently writing her first book, “Networking in Digital Times”.

    Tijen is passionate about networking and the development of networking platforms. To her, success is dependent on networking as it gives opportunities that allow you to connect with others and increases your visibility. Digitalization, she believes, is the way forward with regards to this.

    Tijen Onaran – Speaker

    When speaking, Tijen Onaran focusses on the topics she is most passionate about, i.e. networking, branding, brand communication, influencer marketing, community management, public relations, and digitization. A gifted speaker and presenter, Tijen brings her own brand of charm to her tailor-made presentations.

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