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Tom Wujec

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Tom Wujec

A global authority on innovation, disruptive technology, and the art of visual thinking


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A technology pioneer, entrepreneur, writer, and facilitator, Tom Wujec is considered by many to be a global authority on innovation, disruptive technology, and the art of visual thinking. His career spanning more than 25 years has seen him create digital tools to help organise and engineer better cars, stronger buildings, and better sustainable consumer products. An example of his prowess includes his Academy Award-winning software Maya and Sketchbook pro. His role as an Autodesk Fellow and Singularity University Professor has seen him consistently work at the leading edge of growing technologies.

As the founder of The Wujec Group, Tom Wujec has created a boutique consultancy aimed at helping organisations create a positive impact on both business and society at large. The group, which creates custom workshops, consults with leading Fortune 200 companies from a variety of industries. In so doing, it helps to create and deliver breakthrough strategies. The group also assists in the training and equipping of organisations in the art of problem-solving and design thinking.

The successful author of various books on technology, design, business, and creative thinking, Tom Wujec has seen some of his works translated into sixteen languages. He has appeared before TEDx audiences six times and delivered over 400 keynotes and workshops to audiences spanning the globe.

Tom Wujec – Speaker

As a keynote speaker, Tom Wujec focuses on topics in the fields of innovation, disruptive technology, and visual thinking. He lives in Canada and presents in English.

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