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Victor Küppers

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Victor Küppers

Is one of the best speakers in the field of study analysis of attitudes, enthusiasm management & personal professional development



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    Victor Küppers is one of the best speakers in the field of study and analysis of attitudes, enthusiasm management and personal and professional development

    Victor Küppers is a university lecturer and conference speaker with a passion for vocational training. He firmly believes that everyone can succeed and that our personal attitudes and values enable us to develop our enormous potential.

    With a degree in Business Administration and Management and a PhD in Humanities, Víctor Küppers is a renowned speaker of international prestige who has specialized in motivational talks, and positive psychology and whose central axis is attitude and personal growth in all areas of life.

    He creates Küppers & Co. The latter sees Victor Küppers develop different training projects for various international companies. Amongst these, he includes Volkswagen-Audi, Proctor % Gamble, Henkel, Nestle, Eroski, and many others.

    As a lecturer, Victor Küppers teaches Business Management and Emotional Intelligence at the International University of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona. He has also worked in collaboration with the Pompeu Fabra University and the University of Navarra.

    A well-received author who counts amongst his works “The Attitude Effect” and “Living a Life with Meaning”, Victor Küppers also writes columns for some of the most important professional marketing, sales, and development magazines. He usually deals with such topics as leadership, your personal attitude, sales techniques, and management.

    Victor Küppers – Speaker

    Spanish Motivational Speaker, Victor Küppers has a fun, practical way of addressing fundamental keys in developing your full potential. His talks revolve around core human principles and values, the need of using each day to become a better person, and the need to live with joy, enthusiasm, and generosity in order to experience the best out of both your personal and professional life.

    “Motivation, self-knowledge, leadership capacity and the study of personal attitudes have been the four pillars for Víctor Küppers in everything related to attitudes towards life. Each of these four pillars can be dealt with separately or together, depending on the needs of the event, and the endorsement of having several editorial publications in this sense makes Víctor Küppers the best popularizer” In addition, Víctor Küppers has proven to be an excellent speaker in the field of commercial skills and has already given several talks with sales techniques and customer loyalty systems as main axes.

    Victor Küppers lives in Barcelona, Spain, and addresses audiences only in Spanish.

    Speaking Topics

    The only goal I have in my sessions is to shake minds, to make aware to the people who listen that we deserve and we can live with passion, joy, and enthusiasm and the fact is that we need to remind things that are quite basic but we forget them with the daily stress. With this approach, the important thing in my speeches, if there is any, is not the content – basic things everybody knows -, but the way I express the ideas – the jokes, some words, the irony, etc. -. To reach the goal I have learned that the one who speaks and the one who listens must do it in their modern language.” – Victor Küppers

    1. Importancia de las actitudes

    – Aprender a dejar de estar “tarado”: coherencia interior para ir a 30.000 watios.

    – Todos podemos, debemos y merecemos vivir con un estado de – animo alegre y entusiasta.

    1. Gestión del Entusiasmo.

    – El estado de ánimo para lograr nuestra mejor versión, con nuestras mejores actitudes y sentimientos.

    – Cómo afecta el entorno y las circunstancias personales y profesionales a nuestro estado de ánimo.

    – Nuestro estado de ánimo es nuestra responsabilidad.

    – La alegría como motor de nuestras actitudes.

    – Trabajar y vivir con Actitud Mental Positiva.

    – La importancia del sentido del humor.

    – Valores y principios humanos; la importancia de nuestra manera de ser y la incompatibilidad de ser buen profesional, líder, padre, pareja o amigo si uno es mala persona.

    – Decidir vivir con alegría: desarrollar hábitos para enfocar la vida con optimismo y con entusiasmo.

    – Reivindicar espacios para la reflexión y momentos para la pausa.

    – Salir del bucle: el proceso negativo de “rumiar” los problemas de nuestro día a día. Aprender a relativizar los problemas, la diferencia entre dramas y circunstancias a resolver.

    – Cuidar lo más importante que tenemos, la relación con las personas que más queremos.

    – Ser proactivo: centrarse en lo que controlamos y no quejarnos de lo que no está bajo nuestra influencia.

    – Ser amable, la clave de la alegría anterior.

    – Disfrutar de las pequeñas cosas de cada día, centrarse en el presente. La importancia extraordinaria de las cosas ordinarias.

    – Vivir con ilusiones: la importancia de hacer cosas que nos hagan ilusión para afrontar con energía y pasión nuestro día a día.

    – Ser agradecido y valorar las cosas positivas que tenemos todos en nuestras vidas.