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Vivian Li

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Vivian Li

Expert in Wnt signalling, stem cell, colorectal cancer, organoid technology, and tissue engineering



United Kingdom

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    Dr Vivian Li completed her Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Pathology in 2008. She received a Gold Medal for her Ph.D. thesis on research into the molecular mechanism of human colonic development and tumorigenesis.

    Funding from the Croucher Foundation Fellowship enabled her to pursue her post-doctoral research training at the Hubrecht Institute in the Netherlands. Her time there saw her focus on Ent pathway proteomics and the characterising of intestinal stem cell genes utilizing new transgenic mouse models.

    Vivian Li has made a significant contribution regarding the identification of Wnt Signalling mechanisms at various subcellular levels. Her post-doctoral studies saw her familiarise herself with reverse mouse genetics and the latest ex vivo organoid cultures.

    After completing her post-doctoral studies at the Hubrecht Institute, she established her laboratory at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research in 2013. This institute is now part of the Francis Crick Institute.

    Vivian Li wants to use her expertise in growing intestines to help with future organ transplants. She and her team’s various breakthroughs are published in medical journals. Her particular wish is that her techniques will help in personalising transplants in children suffering from intestinal failure.

    Dr Vivian Li – Speaker

    As a conference speaker, Vivian Li touches on subjects relating to the easing of human suffering An expert in Wnt signalling, stem cell, colorectal cancer, organoid technology, and tissue engineering, she currently resides in the United Kingdom and presents in English.

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