Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Why is cross-cultural understanding so important for the future of work Speakers?

With the rapid rate of globalization, the way we communicate is changing. We have the ability to speak to people from all over the world at the click of a button, and we have more opportunities than ever before to connect with global businesses using technology and the internet. This is why cross-cultural communication is a strategically important investment for businesses everywhere.

When we talk about cross-cultural communication, it’s not just about breaking down language barriers. It’s about understanding how people from different cultures speak, communicate, and perceive the world around them. This has consequences for the future of work, which is being shaped by two things:

    – The growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the workplace; and
    – The expansion of the workforce to include both on and off-balance-sheet talent.

This means there will be various changes for the workplace, the workforce, and the actual work itself. Despite the media’s focus on the relationship between automation and job loss, changes in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and autonomous systems mean that our lives and work-lives are being consistently transformed. Artificial intelligence speakers play a significant role in these transformations, shaping how we interact with technology and information. As artificial intelligence speakers become more integrated into various industries, they redefine the nature of work and productivity. Change is inevitable, so we need to look at ways to prepare for it to ensure the future of globalization and work is beneficial for everyone.

There are people already doing just that!

Here are our Top 10 Global Speakers on Cross-Culture and the Future of Work.

Erin Meyer (France)

Erin is the author of ‘The Culture Map’ and an expert on managing cross-cultural differences.

As an award-winning professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD – one of the best business schools in the world, Erin’s talks focus on the patterns of global communication and the business systems supporting them. Each culture has a unique style, which Erin helps companies to identify so they can become more aware of their cultural differences and how it impacts the way they work. She then offers ways to improve their cross-cultural communication strategy for more effective collaboration.

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erin meyer 2 - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Fons Trompenaars (Holland)

Listed as one of the top 50 most influential management thinkers alive, Fons works as a consultant trainer, motivational speaker, and renowned culture and business author.

As well as an ASTD award winner, Fons’ book ‘Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business’ has sold over 120k copies and been translated into over 10 languages. His talks focus on culture and how to minimize failure in the face of globalization.

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fons trompenaars - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Anders Indset (Germany)

An expert on globalization and a world-leading Business Philosopher, Anders offers a new perspective on ‘the art of thinking.’

Anders’ unconventional talks teach others how to ‘out-think the revolution’ and cope with a fast-paced world through blending the philosophies of the past with the technology and science of the present and future. A top 30 global thinker, his inspiring keynotes cover leadership, change, creativity, and co-creation.

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Pellegrino Riccardi (Sweden)

A Scandanavian cross-cultural and communications expert, Pellegrino was born in the UK to Italian immigrants. He is a motivational speaker with a multicultural background that forms the basis of his insights.

Dubbed one of Scandinavia’s top cross-cultural experts, Pellegrino has spent over thirty years traveling across the globe, connecting with people from different cultures to teach them how to communicate more effectively and interact with each other more efficiently. His talks are humorous and observational, which he combines with visual and multimedia presentations to tell a story.

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Conference Speaker Pellegrino Riccardi by ProMotivate Speakers Agency - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Amparo Díaz-LLairó (Spain)

The Spanish CEO of Barcelona’s Human Capital Group, Amparo is a cross-culture and HR expert. 

Amparo is a versatile and engaging speaker, with a wealth of accolades to support her impressive career. She’s not only ranked as one of Spain’s top 50 business leaders and the country’s top 10 HR business experts, she’s an author of several successful management books too. Her talks draw on her expert course and conference delivery experience to inspire and advise businesses on a range of speaking topics.

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Amparo Díaz LLairó Speaker Promotivate Agency - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Bart Sayle (North America)

CEO and founder of Breakthrough Global, a company that helps companies and institutions develop sustainable features, Bart is a thought-leader in business transformation, innovation, and culture.

With a career that spans 25 years, Bart is a trusted global authority in business culture, leadership, and innovation. A Board member of the Washington DC Think-Tank ‘The Ocean Health Council,’ he is also an author of the bestselling book ‘Riding the Blue Chain: A leadership Plan for Explosive Growth.’ His talks are full of energy and charisma, which offer insights on culture, growth, leadership, and innovation.

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Bart Sayle Business and Innovation Speaker by ProMotivate Speakers Agency - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Finn Majlergaard (France)

The founding partner and CEO of Gugin, Finn is a highly educated expert in the field of global relations within the working environment.

An author of two books on corporate relations and the holder of a doctorate from the International School of Management, Finn is a true globalization expert and entrepreneur. His list of achievements are vast and varied, and he draws on this incredible experience to captivate his audience with talks that focus on cross-cultural development and relationship management.

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finn majlergaard - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Denis Pennel (Belgium)

A veteran in the labor market and future of work, Denis is a global influencer, successful author and work futurist.

Graduating from the French Institute of Political Studies, his career has spanned multiple industries in communications and consultancy, and he is currently the MD of the World Employment Confederation, managing and developing the professional association representing the employment industry at a global level. His literary efforts focus on the future of the work environment and all aspects governed by work-related issues. His talks cover a multitude of subjects that relate to the labor market as a whole.

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denis pennel speaker - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Chris Smit (Holland)

Intercultural management specialist and international business expert, Chris also hosts the Culture Matters podcast and is the author of ‘How to Overcome Cultural Differences in Business.’

Chris lives in the Netherlands and presents in English and Dutch, sharing his professional expertise gained from over twenty years of helping people across the globe improve their cultural competence. This includes helping companies improve their staff turnover, lack of innovation, loss in margin, and international project management outputs. Both a consultant and a coach, he’s an active social media presence and has been featured in numerous intercultural communication seminars worldwide.

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Conference Speaker Chris Smit by ProMotivate Speakers Agency - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

Oscar Van Weerdenburg (Holland)

An expert in cross-cultural management, leadership development, and negotiations, Oscar is the MD and co-founder of Intercultural Business Improvement, creator of the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC), and author of ‘Intercultural Readiness: Four competencies for working across cultures.’

One of Europe’s leading experts in the field of cultural differences, Oscar has delivered more than 1000 business workshops and presentations within the multicultural business environment. His sharp and humourous delivery captures what cultural diversity really is, offering solutions for reconciliation and avoiding the potential issues that arise. He is also fluent in Dutch, English, and German, making him a favorite speaker for international corporate events.

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Conference Speaker Oscar Van Weerdenburg - Speakers about Cross-Culture and the Future of Work

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