Alex Lewis

The Extraordinary Case of Alex Lewis, Truly Inspirational & Remarkable

Alex Thomson

Daring Multiple World Record-Breaking Sailor & Skipper of Hugo Boss

Alexander Nix

Big Data Analytics Expert Behind The Trump Presidential Campaign Success

Allister Frost

Award winning Conference Speaker Digital, Social Media, Marketing, Branding

Andrea Febbraio

Internet Entrepreneur & Speaker Turning $0 to $100m in Four Years

Anne Ravanona

Encouraging Women Entrepreneurs & More Women Into Technology

Annie Voller

Conference Host, Facilitator & Presenter for Large Conferences Multi-Sector

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Belinda Parmar

Expert Speaker on the Future of Work, Empathy for Business and Technology

Ben Towers

Award Winning Serial Young Technology Entrepreneur Speaker: Inspiring Youth

Bernardo Hernandez

Online Entrepreneur, Yahoo & Google Director of Emerging Products

Bertalan Meskó

Keynote Speaker On The Future of Medicine,Healthcare, Disruptive Technology

Bertrand Piccard

Swiss Global Circumvagator by Hot Air Balloon & Solar Powered Plane

Carl de Smet

Innovative Product Designer Fusing Art With Design Challenging Convention

David Rowan

Founder & Editor @WIRED UK, Leading Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

Dhairya Dand

Brilliant Young Innovator & Keynote Speaker @Tech Conferences

Dietmar Dahmen

Austrian Visionary - Using Digital to drive Customer Centric Innovation

Felix Baumgartner

Space Jumper: Presents on 'A Life Without Limits'

Gerd Leonhard

Internationally Renowned Author & 'Futurist' Speaker To Conferences & Companies World-Wide On Social

Hamish McRae

Global future trends in economics, business and society

Hannes Sjoblad

Swedish Leading International Biohacking Expert & Conference Speaker

Ian Pearson

Futurologist Speaker What The Next 10 - 15 Years Will Bring To Your Company

Inma Martinez

Females In Tech - Mobile & Technology Innovator & Data Scientist

James Bilefield

Digital Entrepreneur & UK Government Digital Strategy Advisor

Jean-Claude Larréché

Inseads Professor of Marketing & Expert Keynote Speaker on Marketing & Customer Service

Jeremy White

Editor of Products @Wired on Tech, Innovation & Trends 'Around The Corner'

Jez Rose

International Conference Speaker on Customer Service, Leadership & Communication

Jony Ive

Apple's Iconic Chief Design Officer

Joost de Valk

Europe's Leading Authority on Search Engine Optimisation & Internet Marketing

Jordan Daykin

Brilliant UK Young Entrepreneur Youngest Dragon's Den Pitch Winner Aged 13

Julie Meyer

Award Winning Tech Entrepreneur & Leading Conference Speaker

Kai Schmidhuber

Economic Futurist & Visionary, Digitalizing Travel & Transport

Luke Robert Mason

Combining Technology and Philosophy to Investigate and Project The Future

Marco Montemagno

Leading European Tech & Digital Conference Host Of Europe's Top Events

Mark Gallagher

Formula 1's Expert on 'Building High Performance Teams To Win'

Mark Pollock

Motivational Speaker Blind, Paralysed, But Not Broken; Teamwork, Amazing

Mark van Rijmenam

Dutch World's Top 10 Big Data & Disruptive Innovation Authority

Martin McCourt

Ex CEO of Dyson; Innovation,Global Marketing, Brand & Sales Guru

Matthew Luhn

Using Big Data by Pixars's British Creative Storyteller behind Toy Story

Mike Forde

Identifying Talent & Building Winning Teams, Leadership, Using Big Data

Mikko Hypponen

Computer Hacking & Cyber Crime Expert - World Leading Authority & Speaker

Nelly Ben Hayoun

A Disruptor Challenging Conventional Thinking With Totally Unique Ideas

Peter Ferris

Innovator & Entrepreneur Bringing Film Making To All By Smartphone

Ray Hammond

What Business & Society Will Look Like In The Future

Renato de Castro

Smart City Expert, Real Estate Strategy for Building Cities of the Future

Richard Branson

Iconic British Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group, Global Speaker

Roger Flynn

Expert On Transformation & Change Programmes At Five Global Companies

Rohit Talwar

Futurist Expert On Preparing Organisations For The Future

Ronald Ligtenberg

Managing & Inspiring Diversity & Disability To Achieve Great Success

Rory Cellan-Jones

BBC's Chief Technology Correspondent, Tech & Innovation Speaker & Host

Rory Sutherland

Marketing's Ideas Man, data analysis and behavourial change expert

Scott Steinberg

Strategic Innovation, Online Marketing and Change Management Speaker

Simon Devonshire

The UK Gov's Entrepreneur In Residence. The Need For Companies To Innovate

Simon Mainwaring

World’s Expert on Branding and Social Media

Simon Wheatcroft

Blind Aged 17, Ultrarunner & Inspirational Speaker Overcoming Obstacles

Stefan Hyttfors

Swedish Leading Economist & Futurist Conference Speaker on Digitilization

Tom Oliver

World Class Authority on Leadership, Disruptive Innovation & Branding

Tomotaka Takahashi

Humanoid Robotics Creator - The Next Giant Leap

Tony Fernandes

Multi Business Award Winning Asian Entrepreneur Turning Around Air Asia In Wake of 9/11

Vasyly Rohovyy

Uniquely Inspirational, Pioneering Surgical Transplant of Both Hands

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Robby Kojetin

From life in a wheel chair to the summit of Mount Everest & much more


Street Rapper with a remarkable story of turning nothing into everything

Kyle Maynard

Quadruple Amputee sports star & record breaking climber - "No Excuses!"

Brent Gleeson

Navy Seal turned businessman & highly successful US entrepreneur.

Fabien Cousteau

Oceanographer & Aquanaut & Environment Speaker

Lance Armstrong

Survivor, Sportsman & Author

Richard Branson

Iconic British Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group, Global Speaker

Alistair Brownlee

Double Olympic Triathlon Champion

Alan Campbell

Olympic Sculler. Planning, Commitment, No Short Cuts To Success

Sebastien Foucan

Motivational Speaking Free Runner - Stage Performer

Robby Kojetin

From life in a wheel chair to the summit of Mount Everest & much more


Street Rapper with a remarkable story of turning nothing into everything

Brent Gleeson

Navy Seal turned businessman & highly successful US entrepreneur.

Fabien Cousteau

Oceanographer & Aquanaut & Environment Speaker

Mika Hakkinen

F1 multiple World Champion. Speaker on Risk, Winning & Insight Into F1

Technology and Innovation

New technology leads to innovation, which, in turn, leads to new trends in business thinking and practice. It leads to transformation within industries, starting with the top structure, and syphoning downwards. In order to stay in the game, even industry giants need to change, using new, dynamic ideas to sustain and grow their business.
“For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate.” Margaret Heffernan

What does Technology and Innovation Encompass?

Technological innovation is a concept whereby the latest technological advancements are used in such a way as to better your business practices, your company’s structure, and a company’s managing style. It also leads to aspects such as the creation of a more effective process, products, and new and better ideas.
The technology and innovation speakers at Promotivate are groundbreakers in their field, each an expert in his or her own right, and have all taken the business world by storm.

Our Speakers on Technology and Innovation Deliver What They Promise

Our motivational keynote speakers on technology and innovation are global authorities on business trends, predictive analysis, and Big Data. True innovation is about reinventing and rebelling against the norm while spearheading change regarding traditional business practices and driving transformation.
The speakers at Promotivate, all experts in their field, are engaged by clients to cover such areas as teamwork, leadership, communication, risk-taking, and performance in a changing society.

Inspiring Your Audience

Our speakers on technology and innovation provide insight, foresight, and the technical know-how when it comes to harnessing technical and complex advances in their field, decoding concepts that to most is intimidating. In so doing, they reveal a changing world where technology and innovation creates new possibilities in the way we do business.

Why Use Promotivate to Book Speakers on Technology and Innovation?

Speakers in this field are in high demand, as the business climate experienced today is constantly changing. Maintaining the status quo is no longer a safe option. Competition in all industries is intensifying, and innovation and the creativity that goes with it allows you to differentiate your brand.
Technology is changing rapidly, and so too the ways in which they are used to promote business opportunities. By embracing the change, whether in marketing, strategies and product innovation, businesses are able to use the change to leverage the talents and expertise within their workforce, thereby solving challenges across a broad spectrum of disciplines.
Promotivate represents the experts, trendsetters, and specialists in this field.
Amongst a multitude of clients who have given us recommendations, we count such business leaders as Sainsburys, HISCOX, NHS, Harrods, H&M, Santander, and IBM, to name but a few.

How Our Speakers On Innovation Can Help?

All our technology and social media speakers make sure you stay updated with the latest business trends, techniques, social media strategies that help with developing a competitive edge over your competitors. Moreover, they inspire employees and organisations to adopt and try new ways.

Technological and Digital Speakers at PROMOTIVATE

PROMOTIVATE represents many of the most experienced speakers in todays fast moving world. The speakers we represent are the real figures behind today's digital revolution, having exceptional knowledge about what impact modern technology has had on businesses.