Jamil Qureshi: The #1 Most In-Demand Speaker on Improving Performance

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Driving Peak Performance Across Europe’s Leading Companies


We asked our most requested motivational speaker across our global network, performance coach Jamil Qureshi about trends he is seeing with his speaking engagements across sectors and geographies.

Promotivate: “As a psychologist and a performance coach, which of your topics seem to be most requested?”

Jamil Q. : “The world is complex, unpredictable, and uncertain. I believe the issues a company will face in the future are unimportant, but a company’s ability to form teams which can deal with those issues is essential. Much of my work is based on how leaders can create different attitudes and mindsets for performance within their business.

The future demands us to be different. So I mainly talk about how we can change people’s doing, by changing people’s thinking!”

Promotivate:  “What do most of your clients want to affect within their business?”

Jamil Q. : “That’s a tricky one, as I maybe talking to the board of an investment bank one day or contact centre team leaders the next!
I think the one thing it all boils down to, is how do I get the most out of myself and my team. Everyone needs to maximise performance; make the most of what they’ve got. It is particularly difficult to outperform the markets, create clear blue water between ourselves and the competition or commit to a growth mindset in a time of such rapid and disruptive change.
Maximising talent and capability come from ensuring that people see opportunities and possibilities and galvanise themselves around a noble cause.”

Promotivate:  Who are your favourite clients?”

Jamil Q. : “Ha! Is this a trick question? My favourite clients are open-minded ones! We can’t trust the future to people who champion the past. Clients who are prepared to challenge what they believe to be true about the world in which they are operating will see new possibilities. Clients who can break free of what I call ‘mental tramlines’, the habitual thinking that holds us in place, are the ones who may thrive. So I guess my favourite clients are the ones who aren’t afraid of a little reinvention!
I am convinced that there will be two categories of organisation in the future – brave or dead!”



Jamil is a recognized speaker on all things pertaining to the psychology of performance and leadership. He is one of Europe’s most in-demand corporate motivational speakers, giving over 170 keynote lectures each year.

Clients include Coca-Cola, Pfizer, GSK, Marks & Spencer, Kerry Group, Harley Davidson, Emirates Airlines, Royal Bank of Scotland, Hewlett Packard, top-flight English Premiership football clubs, fighter pilots, Formula 1 racing drivers, English cricketers, and a host of others. Jamil led teams on the Lloyds Banking Group’s ‘Journey to World Class’ global integration programme and worked on Mark’s & Spencer’s ‘resetting the standard’ programme.


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