Which Topics And Keynote Speakers Do Promotivate Rate Highly In 2023?

Dietmar Dahmen keynote speaker World Branding Awards, Vienna

We Travel With Our Speakers To Many Events To Find Out

We as a long-established speakers agency have seen a positive return of activity in the global conference market. We’ve travelled across Europe to several fantastic conferences to see our speakers in action and meet with our clients. With our speakers also being booked for events in both North and Latin America and in Asia this is welcome news for everyone. We travel because we love meeting with our speakers in person which gives us a full read on their capabilities. It allows us to make accurate recommendations to our clients when presented with a specific requirement.

The pandemic and global cost of living crisis have all added to companies and organizations seeking a reset. How this happens is unclear or is it? Almost every company that comes to Promotivate to book a speaker is interested in where we are going and ‘The Future of Work‘. Within this area, two other subdivisions of this topic are ‘Mental Health and Well-Being‘ and ‘Corporate Sustainability‘ as companies push toward achieving carbon net zero output. Great keynote speakers’ three topics are in so much demand that they are taking up about 75% of all Promotivates speaker bookings in 2023. Falling within the overriding topic ‘The Future of Work’ are also speakers on leadership, adapting to lightening changes in technology, and cultural transformation.

Jonathan with Andreas Ekstrom - Which Topics And Keynote Speakers Do Promotivate Rate Highly In 2023?
Andreas Ekstrom, Keynote Speaker with Jonathan Curran at the Modern Work Summit, Madrid

Which Keynote Speakers Are We Putting Strong Hire Recommendations On In 2023 – 2024?

Swedish journalist, author, and digital futurist Andreas Ekström wrote a bestselling book about Google – and has since been a leading commentator on all things digital around the world.
We went to see a recent keynote he delivered brilliantly at the Crestron Modern Work Summit in Madrid in May. His talks, always custom-made to fit the audience, will give you mind-blowing perspectives on who controls the money and the power as society goes digital by the minute. His slide deck is the best we have seen.

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A President and Nobel Prize Laurette

Accompanying 2006 Nobel Prize winner Dr. Muhammad Yunus to Porto was brilliant. Portugal’s largest media group JN Group together with a host of generous sponsors arranged Portugals first first-ever Society Sustainability Forum.

Dr. Yunus was the high-profile keynote speaker who delivered a one-hour talk on the role countries, companies and individuals have to change or we will destroy ourselves and our planet. He emphasized how we need to change mindsets from that of global capitalism and greed to become more generous and accommodating. The catastrophic income divide that exists and continues to widen must be reversed or very shortly, we are going to destroy ourselves.

Screenshot 2 - Which Topics And Keynote Speakers Do Promotivate Rate Highly In 2023?
Muhammad Yunus

The high-profile congress was also attended by the President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa who gave the keynote address that followed Dr. Yunus. When the President arrived he had a one-to-one meeting with Dr. Yunus (and me) which was a real privilege for us both. He was scheduled to follow Dr. Yunus’s keynote delivery and had a script prepared. Once he had met and listened to Dr. Yunus’s keynote, he tore up his script and spoke verbatim, referencing Dr. Yunus’s comments throughout his speech. The event was covered across Portuguese media, in print, online, and on television.

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Gitanjali Rao, STEM Ambassador, TIME’s first ‘Kid of the Year’

Gitanjali became one of the world’s most recognized inventors when Time magazine put her on their front cover in December 2020. As an influencer, innovator, and America’s Top Young Scientist, she is passionate about immersing students in the process of innovation.

Since working with Gitanjali @Promotivate we have paired her for ambassadorial projects with major brands like Dell and H&M on global sustainability social media campaigns. She has won countless awards for her work, whilst also speaking around the world to clients including NASA amidst her studies.

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It’s Hard Not To Mention ‘The Woz’ in Warsaw

Steve Wozniak speaking at Gen Free Warsaw 2023 1024x474 - Which Topics And Keynote Speakers Do Promotivate Rate Highly In 2023?
Steve Wozniak, Gen Free. Warsaw University of Technology. September 22nd, 2023

In September we arranged for Apple’s legendary co-founder Steve Wozniak to travel from California and perform a series of events in the Polish Capital, Warsaw. I had the pleasure once again of accompanying Steve to Poland for this five-day visit which The State of Poland supported. It is long known by Steve and others of his ancestral ties to Poland.

On day one Steve addressed the leadership team of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, which is the Polish national development bank. The following day Woz made the six-hour round trip visit to see the frontier with Ukraine for himself. This had been an ambition of Steve’s before us arranging the Warsaw series of events.

On day three, Steve provided a recorded session in front of 60 of Poland’s brightest young scientists at the Ministry of Science. Launched in September 2023 the recording of Steve’s comments will be seen than 532,000 students to help promote the Ministry of Science and Higher Education’s Business and Management program. Steve fielded questions from the students and his answers purposes will inspire and encourage the next generation of young inventors in Poland. Steve will be a mentor for this program going forward.

Later on day three came the main event that we had arranged with Steve being the headline speaker at the 3rd edition of ‘The Three Seas Generation Freedom Future Leaders Conference 2023’. With over 850 attendees packed into the main auditorium of the Warsaw University of Technology, the audience was gripped to know how and why Steve had achieved so much with Apple throughout his career. Woz talked about his unwavering need to be ‘happy’, that he didn’t ever wish to manage people and wasn’t at all motivated by earning money. He gave away his shares in Apple before Apple went public to the benefit of the masses of Apple employees who got them. Apple’s current valuation is c. $3tn value as we write. The entire trip with Steve to Poland was a success and a pleasure and everything, including the multiple requests for media interviews taken care of.

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There Are Many Other Great Speakers, Talent, and Influencers We Haven’t Mentioned

We’ve been sure to include the latest feedback on our Speakers’ profiles featured on our website. We are always researching and discovering new Speakers on the latest hot topics. If you have a forthcoming event do let us know. Our experienced team provides strong recommendations for great Speakers in locations worldwide and our advice is free.