The protagonist, Jens Soering: “Till murder do us part: Soering vs. Haysom”

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Incarcerated in US Prisons for 33 years for the double murders of Derek and Nancy Haysom in 1985. He fought his way to freedom in 2017. There is no evidence placing him at the crime scene, and Jens continues to fight to overturn this injustice

In November (2023) Netflix released its blockbuster documentary, “Till murder do us part: Soering vs. Haysom”. In its opening week, it was Netflix’s number-one watched show in 13 countries worldwide.

The case continues to attract worldwide attention in large part because of Jens Soering, the German diplomat’s son and scholarship winner, who was convicted of killing the Haysoms at the age of 18. Instead of accepting the court’s verdict, Soering embarked on what he calls his battle for justice and freedom. In prison, he wrote six books and attracted the support of five police officers, including the original lead detective on the case and celebrities like John Grisham and Jason Flom.

The turning point in the case appeared to come in 2016 when DNA tests showed that blood at the crime scene, which had previously been linked to Soering, had a different genetic profile than his. Two renowned genetic scientists determined that Soering was excluded as a source of the blood; probably two unidentified men left it. This finding was confirmed by further DNA examinations in 2022.

Despite this new evidence, the Governor of Virginia released Soering on parole — without the full pardon Soering had hoped for. That decision saved the taxpayers of Virginia $1.4 million in compensation.

Jens Soering, the protagonist, has a story worth listening to

When Jens asked Promotivate to help with his speaking opportunities, we immediately began watching the documentary and reviewing countless other reports on him.

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What is the Truth? Who Can We Trust to Tell the Truth?

  • Resilience Behind Bars and in Freedom
  • What do America’s prisons say about the United States?

Jens Soering – Three LIES in the NETFLIX series? His opinion Nov 2023

Whilst Jens acknowledges Netflix’s ‘Till Murder Do Us Part: Soering vs Haysom’ is an excellent documentary. He disagrees with how the producers concluded the four-part series and omitted key facts.

Sunday Times, December 5th, 2021

“The prosecution case rested on four things: a bloody sock print the prosecution said matched his foot size; a type O blood sample – his blood type, which was found on a door handle; his confession; and Elizabeth’s testimony. But there was no solid forensic evidence to place him at the scene.

It became a media spectacle – the second trial to be broadcast gavel to gavel on American television – but Soering never really believed the case against him would stick. The guilty verdict when it came “was a huge shock,”‘ he says. “That night I tried to kill myself, but I couldn’t go through it.”

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