Motivational Speakers Do Make A Difference – Read On!   Here is a real and much publicised example of where the use of a Motivational Speaker by one major organisation has had a major impact and resulted in significant success. Football clubs are businesses in their own right so companies should take note of thisaaa

The Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Speaker For Your Business

Motivational Speakers Do Make A Difference – Read On!


Here is a real and much publicised example of where the use of a Motivational Speaker by one major organisation has had a major impact and resulted in significant success.

Football clubs are businesses in their own right so companies should take note of this very visual example of the importance of motivation.

We also prove what happens if you ignore your teams motivation!

In the UK Manchester and Liverpool are the two most famous football clubs. Manchester United have won the English Premiership a record 20 times, 13 under legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson who retired in 2013. Liverpool have won footballs first division 19 times but strikingly not since 1990 have they done so.

Liverpool ended the season in 2nd place and Manchester a lowly 7th position by their standards.

Hang on! – Professional teams and companies with $billion dollar turnovers just don’t change like this overnight.

This applies to both the improving and the failing team. The two football teams haven’t been radically altered so what caused this seismic shift in performance?

One Word Answer = MOTIVATION’

Professional football teams are run as businesses. They are required to have financial and player regulation controls in place. The main difference between a FTSE listed business and a Premier League football side is that the FTSE listed company does not rely on one individual or by 11 motivated players to get results – or does it?

The UK’s largest companies; BP, HSBC and Vodafone are run by executive teams. These management teams are similar to the 11 players of a football team in that they are accountable to the public, for brand representation, share price and overall performance.

To do this Teamwork, strong Leadership and Motivation are key elements that all successful teams whether in business or sport must constantly retain focus on.

Losing Teams

Manchester’s fall from the pinnacle has been dramatic. Looking at Teamwork the media has been relentless commenting on friction between the star strikers Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney. On Leadership the outgoing manager David Moyes has been unable to gain the respect of his players that his predecessor Sir Alex Ferguson harnessed.

Combining Teamwork and Leadership David Moyes can be seen to have failed by never playing the same eleven players twice in 51 matches making cohesion as a team difficult.

The lack of Motivation has been visible on the faces of the Manchester players. Poor teamwork and a declining effective leadership played a significant part, but levels of motivation feed these two areas.

Winning Teams – Have Vision

Liverpool’s success was literally swallowed up by notable things going on around them and they were unprepared. The management and owners sought stability and set about doing what was required to ensure the longer term ambitions of Liverpool Football Club. No shorts cuts, a plan that looked at all aspects of the club from personnel to the stadium – their vision.

Vision; Long Term Goal Setting & Change Management

Organisations who survive are those with long term vision which prepares them to the handle these unexpected hurdles along the way with expectation and overcome them.

Using football as oMotivationur case study this is why Manchester United are now seeking a ‘been there and done it’ replacement manager. David Moyes had despite his 11 years as the former manager of Everton Football Club never managed to win the league or trophies, both of which are and remain annual expectations at Manchester United.

Long term goal setting and sticking to a plan are essential components of well run businesses that are successful. Few companies that achieve success quickly survive. They haven’t built or do they understand how to overcome the obstacles that they will inevitably face. In modern times Manchester United face a very unfamiliar situation having been disposed from the top group of football clubs in England. This creates vulnerability that preparedness could have averted.

Liverpool could have sacked Brendan Rodgers when the team was only 7th in the league last season, but didn’t because they stuck by their long term vision, no matter what the circumstance. What would happen if David Moyes had been given more than the 11 months he survived at Manchester to rebuild and mould his own team to his long term vision? This is the business of sport

Change if required needs to be handled with care and minimal disruption. Manchester chose also to replace the entire coaching team when replacing the manager. Surely keeping the winning ‘back office’ or at least transitioning in new support staff over time rather than all of a sudden would have reduced the immediate disruption and poor results that quickly followed.


One important lesson that all businesses, organisations and teams can take away is that well run teams involve everyone and not just the leadership. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the public dismissal of David Moyes as manager of Manchester United.

The players at Manchester didn’t rally behind their manager and do all they could for him.

‘Teams are only as good as their weakest link!’

The Winning Solution – The Catalyst to Change at Liverpool FC – Dr. Steve Peters*


Steve Peters Motivational Speaker Promotivate Speakers Agency UK

Dr Steve Peters

Almost unnoticed Liverpool FC hired one of the UK’s leading sports psychiatrists and motivational speakers, Dr Steve Peters to work on improving the winning mindsets of their players.

Dr Peters is employed full time at Liverpool’s training ground and works with the players on a one to one basis and as a team to bring positive thoughts which not only help the players on the pitch but also in training to challenge themselves and their belief and support for one another.

Steve works closely with the manager Brendan Rodgers though as he openly admits he is not creating new ideas, just helping people enhance what they already have and put it to more effective use.

Steve Peters has no shortage of admirers or success. He has mentored British Cycling, England Rugby and many companies and will assist the England Football Team at the World Cup.

The results Steve Peters has helped uncover have been remarkable. Notably they include the transformation of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez whose bad personality traits found him being suspended for 10 games and of no use to his team, to being this seasons record goal scorer and potential PFA Player of the Year.

More importantly the positive change in mindset has driven a significant drive in work rates, goals and teamwork all of which helps creates a winning team who are enjoying themselves at the same time at the top of the English Premiership scoring goals that average 3 per game.

My opinion which is backed up by the feedback I have received from hundreds of motivational talks given by our speakers strongly supports the work of professional speakers as fire starters and essential bolt-ons for successful companies of all sizes.

For reference and if you still need more convincing about the benefit of motivational speakers and if you have time to view I have included a video below of Tony Robbins speaking. Tony is regarded as the world’s leading motivational speaker and shows exactly what experts like Steve Peters can deliver for individual and company wide performance improvements.


Now you have read this I hope you agree with me that the emphasis that an organisation places on motivating its ‘players’ cannot be understated.

If you were employing a Premiership striker at £200,000 per weeklet alone 200 employees all earning £20,000 per annum does spending a few £ thousand pounds on a motivational expert not seem like remarkably good value?

You want to avoid being ‘knocked of your perch,’ as Sir Alex Ferguson said he would do and did to Liverpool.

By Jonathan Curran, Director PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency, Europe. T.0207 8711829

*Notes. Dr Steve Peters is represented by PROMOTIVATE Speakers Agency alongside over 120 other professionals for motivational speaking to companies and conferences across the UK and Europe.


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