A Step by Step Process of Booking a Speaker

You have never booked or even considered how to find, let alone book a speaker. Here’s some useful advice:

  • Decide on the type of speaker: i.e Sport, Business, IT, Sales etc.
  • Set a budget and remember travel and accommodation costs may be required.

Once you are comfortable here then it’s time to book your speaker.


The Speaker Booking Process Outlined

1) You select your chosen speaker from a shortlist of 3 to 5 recommended speakers.  Share the speakers profiles with colleagues and review videos and testimonials for each speaker.

2) Confirm availability for your chosen speaker and assuming the speaker is available you will receive a Booking Agreement which contains the Terms & Conditions. Once this is signed you’re committed.

3) Clients answer a short on-line questionnaire about their event which is sent to the speaker to help them prepare.

4) In the fortnight prior to the event we facilitate a call between the speaker and client.

5) In the week prior to the event the speakers presentation will be sent across and final checks made.

It’s worth noting Promotivate’s process has a 100% record of completion 0% record of failure to deliver since launching in 2006.

Decide What Type Or The Preferred Background Of Your Speaker?

Questions You Should Be Aware Of

A speaker agent will ask you the following questions which help them to narrow the range of options open to you.

1) What is the objective or theme for your event?

The theme of an event will influence the type of speaker.

2) When, including time of the day and where is the event taking place?

There are speakers who can and often do speak at two events each day and require travel time to get from one to the other. Location and time of day are therefore important.

3) Have you and your colleagues already discussed any names of speakers that are of interest for this?

This helps to understand understand who is hot and who is not for your event. It will save wasting you time reviewing profiles of unlikely speakers for this event.

4) The size and demographic of the audience?

If you have an international audience then a speaker who can relate across borders is recommended over one who may have little experience or relevance to anybody from outside of their country of birth.

5) A budget for your speakers fee that you are comfortable spending?

In Europe the majority of speakers command fees for keynotes of between €4,000 – €12,000 per session.

6) The speakers fees, can I negotiate?

Consider a speakers fee as their perceived value to the market. If a speaker is in such demand that they are giving 10+ talks per month at €10,000 then they will have no reason to discount themselves. They also don’t wish to offer one price to one client and a cheaper price to the next.

7) What are standard travel and accommodation expenses?

Normally a speaker will have their travel and accommodation costs added and paid for in addition to their fee for speaking. If you’re booking an international star speaker you can expect to provide at least business class travel with executive airport transfers.

For those not super famous normally travel around Europe for flights of less than three hours can be by economy class. For flights over three hours then a business class ticket should be provided.

The same rules apply for accommodation standards and if a speaker has to stay overnight to facilitate an early or late in the day keynote then meals should be provided.

If you are investing in bringing in a great speaker it makes sense that they are as well fed and rested. You want them to perform to the best of their ability and not negative about paying for their own food.

8) Can we talk to the speaker to discuss the content of their presentation?

90% of speakers will appreciate a call for 10 – 20 minutes in the weeks prior to the event to discuss the event. This helps in a number of ways including:

– check for any sensitive topics the speaker should stay clear of discussing.

– check that the speaker is picking out and tailoring the talk to meet your specific objectives, not their own.

– an informal introduction over the phone that breaks the ice in advance of your speakers arrival on the day.

– allows for any specific discussions on AV requirements such as type of microphone, pointer or display to be agreed in advance.

9) Can we get signed copies of the speakers books for the event?

Many speakers have written best selling books and autobiographies which clients like to give out to attendees. With advance warning we can arrange for copies of the books to be signed at delivered to the venue at cost price.

If you have any other questions that we haven’t mentioned please ask us directly by calling Promotivate or using our online enquiry form for an immediate response.

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