Tech, Innovation & Future

In-order to stay ahead of competitors, organizations need to evolve. Maintaining the status quo leads to stagnation. Using technology and information gives you the edge.

Technology and innovation speakers are game changers, people who are mostly entrepreneurs, who are forever researching, strategizing, and forecasting the newest, latest changes. Their field encompasses the latest technologies that give you the edge while focusing on social media, IT, and networks in order to leverage their position.

Pro-motivate’s technology and innovation speakers are all dedicated experts in their field, people that not only talk the talk but walk the walk. They know the markets and customer wants. Using their expertise, they are able to solve multifaceted challenges spanning a diversity of disciplines.
To help your company make this happen, you need speakers that support the culture of the future, such as those represented by Pro-motivate Speakers Agency.

“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang

Tomotaka Takahashi

Humanoid Robotics Creator - The Next Giant Leap

Tom Oliver

World Class Authority on Leadership, Disruptive Innovation & Branding

Steven Van Belleghem

Digital Marketing Expert - Modern Marketing To The Customer

Stefan Hyttfors

Swedish Leading Economist & Futurist Conference Speaker on Digitilization

Simon Devonshire

The UK Gov's Entrepreneur In Residence. The Need For Companies To Innovate

Scott Steinberg

Strategic Innovation, Online Marketing and Change Management Speaker

Rory Cellan-Jones

BBC's Chief Technology Correspondent, Tech & Innovation Speaker & Host

Rohit Talwar

Futurist Expert On Preparing Organisations For The Future

Roger Flynn

Expert On Transformation & Change Programmes At Five Global Companies

Richard Branson

Iconic British Entrepreneur, Founder of Virgin Group, Global Speaker

Ray Hammond

What Business & Society Will Look Like In The Future

Pete Goss

Lifesaving Round The World Yachtsman: Leadership, Teamwork, Making The Impossible, Possible

Mika Hakkinen

F1 multiple World Champion. Speaker on Risk, Winning & Insight Into F1

Mark van Rijmenam

Dutch World's Top 10 Big Data & Disruptive Innovation Authority

Mark Pollock

Motivational Speaker Blind, Paralysed, But Not Broken; Teamwork, Amazing

Marco Montemagno

Leading European Tech & Digital Conference Host Of Europe's Top Events

Kai Schmidhuber

Economic Futurist & Visionary, Digitalizing Travel & Transport

Julie Meyer

Award Winning Tech Entrepreneur & Leading Conference Speaker

Jony Ive

Apple's Iconic Chief Design Officer

Jim Lovell

Commander of Apollo 13

Jeremy White

Editor of Products @Wired on Tech, Innovation & Trends 'Around The Corner'

Jean-Claude Larréché

Inseads Professor of Marketing & Expert Keynote Speaker on Marketing & Customer Service

Ian Pearson

Futurologist Speaker What The Next 10 - 15 Years Will Bring To Your Company

Hamish Taylor

Former CEO, Expert Speaker Business Change, Customer Service & Leadership

Frank Bunge

Leica Microsystems Global After Sales Director - Achieving long term value

Felix Baumgartner

Space Jumper: Presents on 'A Life Without Limits'

Dhairya Dand

Brilliant Young Innovator & Keynote Speaker @Tech Conferences

David Rowan

Founder & Editor @WIRED UK, Leading Technology & Innovation Keynote Speaker

David Coulthard

Ex-F1 Driver, Sports Commentator, TV Presenter, Conference & Dinner Speaker

Christian Wanner

CEO & Founder of Switzerlands LeShop Retail Online

Carl de Smet

Innovative Product Designer Fusing Art With Design Challenging Convention

Bertrand Piccard

Swiss Global Circumvagator by Hot Air Balloon & Solar Powered Plane

Bertalan Meskó

Keynote Speaker On The Future of Medicine,Healthcare, Disruptive Technology

Belinda Parmar

Expert Speaker on the Future of Work, Empathy for Business and Technology