ProMotivate’s business technology speakers are leading international conference speakers and proven experts in areas that include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Robotics, and Cyber-security. They are each an expert in relating the latest technology to business practices to streamline, simplify, increase communication, output, and overall effectiveness throughout a large corporation or small startup.


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    Business Technology

    When referring to business technology, you are actually talking about the use of technology in order to conduct all aspects of the business environment more effectively.

    In effect this means that companies worldwide are increasingly relying on emerging technologies to drive innovation, strategy, and growth to increase their competitive advantage.  The use of technology has thus become one of the most important factors supporting most types of business.

    Without the use of new, emerging technologies, most large corporations would have to shut their doors. These technologies include the use of telephones, computers, the internet, and, of course, all the supporting hardware, software, and latest technology forms. But in so doing, the use of these technologies has not only made the working environment more effective but also changed the way business is conducted.

    Business Technology Speakers

    Business technology speakers are those individuals who strive at implement the latest technology to increase a company’s overall effectiveness, allowing a business to expand while keeping up or increasing their turnover.

    These business technology speakers understand the wide range of potential benefits the use of technology has on management and how it could positively influence the operations, productivity, sustainability, and profitable outcome for various organisational structures. But besides the benefits concerning a company’s function, it also has benefits for their clients. It could even help improve customer relationships.

    Amongst the wide range of business technology speakers at ProMotivate Speaker Agency, we include the likes of Skype co-founder Jonas Kjelberg, X PRIZE Founder for Innovation, Commercial Space Pioneer, and author Peter Diamandis, and expert on the digital revolution and bestselling author Andrew Keen.

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