A speaker is just a speaker, right? If they know their topic, they should be good to go, right? Nothing could be further from the truth! There is a vast difference between the world’s greatest motivational speakers and those that just make the cut.

ProMotivate Speaker Agency is proud to count amongst those they represent globally recognised speakers spanning all industries.

But what are the deciding factors sorting the ‘really good’ motivational speakers form the ‘world’s greatest’ motivational speakers?

Is it their subject matter, life experience, or level of fame?

Actually, it is none of these.

Globally recognised speakers do not stand in front of an audience and deliver a monologue. Their presentations are engaging. Their delivery hits the spot 100%. They know when to break out a joke, even although they are by no means standup comedians. Their body language fits their message, with them giving the correct gesture at precisely the right time. And lastly, while people may forget what they said over time, they always remember one thing: how the speaker made them feel.

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    ProMotivate Represents Some Of The World’s Greatest Motivational Speakers

    ProMotivate Speaker Agency represents many of the world’s greatest motivational speakers for major international conferences and events.

    Amongst these, we are proud to represent the likes of the world’s youngest Nobel Prize winner and education activist Malala Yousafzai, television outdoor adventurer and ex-SAS Special Services Bear Grylls, chess master, master strategist, and innovator Gary Kasparov,  and a host of others.

    For a peek at our list of world greatest motivational speakers, please click here.

    Booking One Of The World’s Globally Renowned Speakers

    Booking one of ProMotivate Speaker Agency’s globally renowned speakers is easy. By contacting us, we will lead you through the process of choosing someone perfect for your conference or event. Simply contact us by going to this page, dialing +34938004890 or +44 (0)2078711829, or email us at ask@pro-motivate.com